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No. 150 (Winter 1986)

Editorial: Michael Taylor.

Fiction: Roma Bross, Suzanne Collins, Chris Kent, Janet Howarth, Helen Coy, Steven Laird, Bill Gaston, and J. J. Steinfeld.

Poetry: Constance Sawyer, Ron Charach, Richard Sommer, John Nevin McDowell, Alice Major, John Barton, Elizabeth Brewster, A. Bushkowsky, Jim Thomas, and Steven Laird.

Reviews: Robert Gibbs, Michael Estok, and Eric Thompson.

No. 151 (Spring 1987)

Essay: Christina Sabat.

Art: Bruno Bobak.

Poetry: Robert Gibbs, W.O.R. Kearley, Jill Newman Solnicki, Bruce Iserman, Lorelei Austen, Mark McCawley, Carl Leggo, Leonard Koza, Charles Lillard, Nathan Cervo, Hillel Schwartz, Kenneth Radu, Joan Harmon, David Manicorn, Fritz Hamilton, Rai Berzins, Cathi Grandfield, John O'Neill, Robert M. Chute, Kurt Skov-Nielson, and Stan Rogal.

Fiction: Leon Rooke, Julie Houghton Kieth, Scott Mackay, and Bruce Eason.

Out of Place: Bonnie Laing.

Reviews: Diana Austin, M. Travis Lane, Michael Thorpe, and Allison Mitcham.

Radio Fiddlehead no. 8: Interview with Alden Nowlan

On March 5, 1983, two high-school students, Corinne Shriver (pictured on the left with Nowlan) and Carmen McKell, interviewed Alden Nowlan months before he died. We're pleased to present the audio version of the interview here. To see Corinne Schriver Wasilewski’s introduction and a transcript of the full interview verbatim, click here.  

No. 152 (Summer 1987)

Fiction: Beth Harvor, Stewart Moore, Jan Thornhill, and George Little.

Poetry: Mark Henderson, Dorothy Roberts, Suzanne Owens, Robert Burt, Ken J. Harvey, Dayv James-French, Kirk Wirsig, Allan Cooper, Don Lineham, Robert R. Ward, Hugh Nelson, Robert Cooperman, Oliver Lovesey, Naomi Spigle, and Michael Pacey.

Interview: Martine Jacquot 

Reviews: Harold Barratt, A.C. Morell, Theresia Quigley, Alan R. Young, and Rita Donovan.

No. 153 (Autumn 1987)

Fiction: Keith Harrison, Eugene McNamara, Walter Caniparoli, K.A. Winter, Heather Prince, John MacEwen, and Steve Noyes.

Poetry: John Glenday, Kay Smith, Tom Wayman, Randy Campbell, Mark Sanders, David Winwood, Walter McDonald, Steven Heighton, Wm. Meyer, Jay Treiber, John P. Zanes, Joan Crate Taylor, and Fred Johnston.

Out of Place: Medina Stacey

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, John Mills, Fred Cogswell, Jon Kertzer, Margaret Conrad, Theresia Quigley, and Elizabeth Brady.

No. 273 (Autumn 2017)

Remembering Alden NowlanRoss Leckie, David Adams Richards, and Corinne Schriver Wasilewski.

Fiction: Brent van Staalduinen, Carmelinda Scian, Tony Robinson-Smith, David Huebert, Tina Silver, Andrea Routley, and Hugh Graham.

Poetry: Bardia Sinaee, Darren Bifford, Warren Heiti, Douglas Burnet Smith, Jim Johnstone, Katrina Naomi, Laura Ritland, and Paul Vermeersch.

Reviews: Lynn Davies, Clarissa Hurley, Kate Cayley, Alexander Carey, and Susan Haley.

Odd Sundays Presents Valerie Lawson and Michael Brown

On November 19th, odd sundays, at Corked Wine Bar, 83 Regent St., Fredericton, will welcome two poets from Maine. Michael Brown and Valerie Lawson visited odd sundays two years ago, and we expect their visit with us this time will prove once again to be enthusiastic and enjoyable. Plan to be with us on Sunday, Nov. 19 at 2pm for their reading, the open set (bring something to read under 3 minutes!), and the book draw (free!).

Congrats to Recent Contributors!

Congrats to recent contributors Emily Skov-Nielsen (poem in Spring 2015, No. 263, review in Autumn 2016, No. 269), Robin Richardson (poems in Winter 2014, No. 258), and Kate Finegan (story in Spring 2017, No. 271) who are on The Puritan's 6th annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize longlist! Skov-Nielsen and Richardson are on the poetry list, and Finegan is on the fiction list. 


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