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Videos from our August 25 Event

On August 25, 2018, The Fiddlehead hosted the first of our planned events leading up to our 75th anniversary in 2020. We brought Alicia Elliott, our nonfiction editor, and Rebecca Thomas to Fredericton to give workshops, and while they were here, we organized a reading that also featured local Fredericton writer Anthazia Kadir. 

Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts (for a Public Outreach Grant), the Fredericton Public Library, and Ty Giffin and Mathew Gracie (videographers). And thanks to Anthazia, Alicia, and Rebecca for their superb readings!

Summer 2018 Editorial

This summer poetry issue has been co-edited by Sue Sinclair and myself, Ross Leckie, and, as of the fall issue, Sue will be the new editor of The Fiddlehead. I am so excited to see where Sue will take The Fiddlehead. She is already percolating with new ideas, and is ready to shape The Fiddlehead to respond to the ever-evolving ways of conceiving Canadian literature and culture.

Fiddlehead 2020 Event During Word Feast

Interview by Emily Skov-Nielsen, Marketing and Promotions for The Fiddlehead. Anthazia Kadir will be giving a Fiddlehead-sponsored workshop "Arrivals & Departures – The Stories We Tell" during Word Feast: Fredericton's Literary Festival. It's a two-day workshop that takes place September 21, from 10am-4pm and September 22 from 10am-1pm. For more information, see the Facebook event or the Word Feast program.

No. 276 (Summer 2018)

Our summer issue is now on its way to your mailbox and to newsstands. It's packed with poems from Liz Howard, Ali Blythe, John Reibetanz, A.F. Moritz, John Barton, Catherine Seton, Anita Lahey (with artwork by Pauline Conley), Jan Conn, Alisha Dukelow, Shane Rhodes, Gwen Benaway, Amanda Jernigan, Stephanie Bolster, Herménégilde Chiasson (with translations by Jo-Anne Elder), Rebecca Păpucaru, Janet Rogers, Stewart Cole, Paola Ferrante, Marc Di Saverio, Mariah Lynne Dear, Julie Mannell, Shane Neilson, Katie Fewster-Yan, Catriona Wright, Robin Richardson, Claudia Coutu Radmore, the Erasing Frankenstein Collective, Joshua Whitehead, Neil Surkan, Adam Sol, Mary Dalton, Peter Richardson, Danielle Hubbard, Kayla Czaga!


The Wolf Hunter by Jason Henderson

As a literary journal housed in Fredericton, we at The Fiddlehead were moved when we received a poem from Deputy Sheriff Jason Henderson in the wake of the shooting on August 10th in our city. “The Wolf Hunter” is written in honour of law enforcement and is dedicated to Cst Robb Costello and Cst. Sara Burns of the Fredericton Police Force, both of whom were murdered that day along with citizens Donnie Robichaud and Bobbie-Lee Wright. We wish strength to everyone affected by these deaths.
—Sue Sinclair, Editor


The Wolf Hunter


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