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Excerpt from Dafna Izenberg's Prize-Winning Essay "The Promised Language"

I was seven or eight years old when I learned the story of Akedat Yitzchak. It appears in Genesis 22, where God instructs Abraham to take his son Isaac up a mountain and make of him a burnt offering. Abraham complies, or seems to, binding Isaac to an alter and preparing to slit his throat. An angel materializes and tells Abraham, “Don’t do it! You passed the test. God knows that you believe in Him.” Then a ram appears, and Abraham releases Isaac, sacrifices the ram, and down the mountain go father and son.

No. 281 (Autumn 2019)

Introduction: Sue Sinclair

Creative Nonfiction: Dafna Izenberg, Madeline Sonik, and Barrett Bowlin

Fiction: Marléne Zadig, Florence MacDonald, and Tamas Dobozy

Poetry: Georgette LeBlanc, Anouk H. Henri, Ken Babstock, Roxanna Bennett, Maheen Hyder, Heather Christle, Nisa Malli, George Bowering, Gordon Lonethunder, Cara Waterfall, Carolyn Oliver, Alexei Perry Cox, Koby L. Omansky, Corey Ginsberg, Jenny Boychuk, Nancy Kang, Christina Shah, and John Elizabeth Stintzi

The Fiddlehead Turns 75 and We Want Your Help to Celebrate!

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The Fiddlehead is turning 75!

We are planning all kinds of celebratory events across the country! We are even publishing an extra issue—a special 75th anniversary issue of The Fiddlehead—curated by our advisory editors, with a focus on “looking forward” to the future of CanLit.

We want to include brief messages from YOU, our readers! Looking forward, what are your thoughts, ideas, hopes or dreams for The Fiddlehead or for CanLit? We’d be delighted to receive any kind of well wishes or celebratory notes you care to send!


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