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Current Issue

No. 275 (Spring 2018)


5       Ross Leckie: Stretching the Snowy Pages Toward May Flowers

7       Kate Osana Simonian: The Press
19     Samantha Jade Macpherson: The Fish and the Dragons
30     Kate Timmers: The Wet Nurse Late of the House of Karenin
48     Thomas Wharton: Penis & Vagina
78     Cathy Stonehouse: A Room at the Marlborough

41     Matthew Hollett: The Day After the Best Before 
42     Conyer Clayton: Recurrent
45     Conor Mc Donnell: Qui vincit? (medicamina) 
59     Marvin Bell: Two Poems 
62     Klara du Plessis: Two Poems 
64     Peter Norman: Two Poems 
67     Laura Zacharin: Two Poems 
69     Robert Colman: Two Poems 
71     Steve Lautermilch: Two Poems
73     Laurence Hutchman: Algonquin Logger’s Chute
74     Brian Bartlett: Two Poems
87     Kate Sutherland: Climbing Boys
96     Evelyn Lau: Three Poems
100   Antony Di Nardo: Two Poems
102   Darrell Epp: Three Poems
105   Dan O’Brien: Two Poems

108   M. Travis Lane: Form as Meaning
         Human Misunderstanding, Kathy Mac
111   Rebecca Geleyn: “This is a family neighbourhood“
         Border Markers, Jenny Ferguson
114   Susan Haley: A Past We Can Remember, If We Were There
         Facing the Other Way, Gwen Davies
117   Noah Page: The people we often forget
         Outside People and Other Stories, Mariam Pirbhai
120   William Bonfiglio: What Is Left Behind
         The Conjoined, Jen Sookfong Lee

123    Notes on Contributors

Sarah Jones
Evening Windows on Germain #2
Oil on canvas
12 x 12 in.