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Current Issue

No. 271 (Spring 2017)


5       Ross Leckie: Editorial 271: Spring Contest
41     Ross Leckie: Norman Dubie: The Details of Winter That Upset Us

15     Kate Finegan: Blues Too Bright
23     Steven Benstead: Will There Be Clowns?
32     Ann Cavlovic: The Foundation
72     Shane Goth: Majesty
96     Deirdre Simon Dore: Your Own Lucky Stars

 7     Dominique Bernier-Cormier: Fabric
 8     Tammy Armstrong: Blessing the Boats
11     Kim Trainor: Bluegrass
43     Norman Dubie: Twenty-Three Poems
85     Julie Eliopoulos: Glacier
86     Kurt Skov-Nielsen: Two Poems
88     Barry Dempster: Two Poems
90     Rocco de Giacomo: Two Poems
92     Heather Cadsby: Going mad, seeing eyes
93     Michael Trussler: Three Young Men, Each Holding a Lobster

105   Mark Dickinson: The Unraveling Path
        The Long Walk, Jan Zwicky
107   M. Travis Lane: A Difficult Beauty
        Hours of the Stars: the Poetry of Dimitri Liantinis
110   Susan Haley: Of Birds and Dogs, Plants and Lovers
        The Evening Chorus, Helen Humphreys
113   Richard Kelly Kemick: After Birth
        The News, Author
115   Rebecca Geleyn: Tugging Tides
        Someone Somewhere, Dana Mills
118   Shane Neilson: Math and Sense: David Helwig's Seawrack
        Seawrack, David Helwig

123    Notes on Contributors

Eric Budovitch
Echo (from Moving Day Series)
Oil on canvas
42 x 55 in.