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Current Issue

No. 290 (Winter 2022) BIPOC Solidarities Special Issue

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6       Editor's Introduction

Creative Nonfiction
13     Jennifer Hosein: Fabric
27     Tamara Jong: Lessons
38     Zilla Jones: On Waking Up
67     Joylyn Chai: It’s No Big Deal. Not Really.
83     Brian Braganza: At the Edge of Her Grasp
88     Melinda Burns: Deathly Afraid
96     Linda Trinh: Gates and Goddesses
114   Monica Nathan: Things I Won’t Be Remembered For


15     Arlyn Charlie: The Old Ways / Yeenoo Nits’oo Gwiinli’
32     Carmina Ravanera: Beach Day
50     Anuja Varghese: Stories in the Language of the Fist
70     Kirti Bhadresa: Daksha Takes the Cake
116   Salma Hussain: Scribe

10    Erica Hiroko Isomura: re:birth
37    Jessie Loyer: wahwâ
62    Tara McGowan-Ross: gajjamu’g wasueg
64    T. Liem: Two Poems
76    Christine Wu: Anti-Asian Violence Spikes During COVID-19
78    Vivian (Xiao Wen) Li: Soup Days, Pizza Dinners & Other Joyful

79    Rachel Lachmansingh: Two Poems
81    Emily Riddle: Two Poems
92    James X. Wang: Fossils
93    Izza Hassan: Neighbour Haunt & Hamsas Around My Neck
104  Khashayar “Kess” Mohammadi: Two Poems
108  Preeti Kaur Dhaliwal: On Survival and Exhalation
110  karen lee: Three Poems

119   Notes on Contributors

Marigold Santos
shroud (unfurling blooms unsettling)
acrylic, pigment, gesso on canvas
67 x 141/2 in.
Image courtesy of Patel Brown Gallery. 


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