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Current Issue

No. 278 (Winter 2019)

6      Sue Sinclair: Thank You, Ross

Creative Nonfiction
37     Rowan McCandless: Blood Tithes

13     Liane Gabora: One Way Trip
66     Catherine Austen: The Squabbit
81     Avi Sirlin: Overturned
100   Chris Graham-Rombough: Spawn Point

7       Gwen Benaway: Tonight
29     Matthew Stepanic: Three Poems
33     Shannon Webb-Campbell: Two Poems
36     Susan Haldane: Current
60     Tim Bowling: Two Poems
64     Sneha Madhavan-Reese: Two Poems
73     David Barrick: Two Poems
75     Maureen Hynes: Two Poems
78     Elizabeth Ross: Two Poems
94     Bruce Bond: O
96     Rob Winger: Keeping Fire
98     Nancy Lee: Two Poems

106   M. Travis Lane: Going with the Flow
         The Essential Dorothy Roberts, edited by Brian Bartlett
108   Susan Haley: "slick with intention"
         Cityscapes in Mating Season, Lise Gaston
111    David Creelman: Writing about Thinking about Writing and Art
         Mister Nightingale, Paul Bowdring
114    Clarissa Hurley: A World Disconnected
         Anima, Wajdi Mouawad. Trans. Linda Garboriau
116    Katia Grubisic: Bites of Makeshift Reality
         Listening for Juniper, Pierre-Luc Landry, Trans. Arielle Aaronson and Madeleine Stratford

119   Notes on Contributors

Jack Bishop
Coca-Cola (2017)
Oil and acrylic on canvas
24 x 36 in.