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Current Issue

No. 289 (Autumn 2021)

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6       Carolyn Firth Gammon: From the Very Beginning — Eleanor (Belyea) Wees, A Literary Tribute
10     Chelene Knight: Creative Nonfiction Contest Editorial

Creative Nonfiction
11     K Ho: Dispatches
35     Erin MacNair: Statute of Limitations
102   Karen Heuler: My Own Special Allergy



50     Ivan Sullivan: Black Ice
72     Susan Olding: Wish You Were Here
81     David Huebert: Leviathan
94     Judith Pond: Accident

25    Sarah Yi Mei Tsiang: Failed Haikus
26    Aaron El Sabrout: Body
28    Patrick Grace: Two Poems
30    Sam Cheuk: Three Poems
33    Pauline Peters: Hamilton, Ontario, 1975
40    Leslie Joy Ahenda: Three Poems
44    Madison Rahner: Two Poems
46    Lydia Unsworth: Two Poems
62    Nagmeh Phelan: There is No Tarof in the English Language
63    Aaron Daigle: Three Poems
66    Kevin Irie: Two Poems
68    Jane Shi: Three Poems
88    Richard-Yves Sitoski: Two Poems
90    Liam Strong: ode to morel mushrooms
91    Antonia Petschauer: Two Poems
93    Ann DeVilbiss: Gut Feeling

107  M. Travis Lane: “. . . . she opened the door of a star quietly” Poems — Selected Books Volume II, Yannis Ritsos,Trans. Manolis Aligazakis
110  Catherine Greenwood: Hush, Hush, Sweet Secrets, The Hush Sisters, Gerard Collins
113  Lynn Davies: Pivot Variations, Pivot Point, Bren Simmers
115  Manahil Bandukwala: From wolf to funnel spider, Poisonous if Eaten Raw, Alyda Faber
117  Dominique Béchard: Asking the Impossible, Any God Will Do, Virgina Konchan
119  Susan Haley: Back of the road a ways, Brighten the Corner Where You Are, Carol Bruneau

123   Notes on Contributors

Alan Spinney
Yellow Day, 2013
Oil on linen panel
9 x 12 in.