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Current Issue

No. 291 (Spring 2022)

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Canadian Addresses

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6     Sue Sinclair: Spring 2022 Editorial
9     Yasuko Thanh: Fiction Contest Editorial

Creative Nonfiction
21     Anca L. Szilágyi: Boiled Boot
37     Bob Armstrong: The Cancer Joke
59     Judy LeBlanc: Beneath the Din
87     Sarah Moses: A Trip Home

10     Anne Marie Todkill: The Makeweight Piece
42     Will Richter: After the Crash
63     Sandra Nicholls: From a Distance
83     Sylvie Simmons: Three Stories

  7    Marco Melfi: Two Poems
29    Conor Kerr: The Great Explosion
30    Lise Gaston: Two Poems
32    Flower Conroy: 6EQUJ5
33    Pamela Yuen: Dinosaurs
35    Simon Turner: It’s Almost Like a Fishy Mammal
50    John Barton: Two Poems
55    Cindy King: Two Poems
58    Michael Patrick Jessome: The Pickled Sea
76    Rebecca Rustin: A Little Learning
78    Patrick James Errington: Three Poems
82    James Pollock: Framing Hammer

  92  Jan Zwicky: Last Things, Field Requiem, Sheri Benning
  96  Ross Leckie: A Song of Despair or Hope?, As Far as You Know, A. F. Moritz
102  Susan Haley: Nothing into Nothing, I Will Be Corrupted, Joseph A. Dandurand
105  Nadine Bachan: Hiding (From) Ourselves, Polar Vortex, Shani Mootoo

108   Notes on Contributors

Anna Cameron
Untitled (Wildflower Garden)
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 36 in.