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Current Issue

No. 274 (Winter 2018)


9       Bipin Aurora: The Chevy Vega
27     Elly M. Graff: Marshall Friday
37     Richard Kelly Kemick: Hello, Horse
54     Brad Hartle: Who Wants to Turtle Dance?
70     Michael Meagher: Fat and Happy
86     Chris Kuriata: Auntie Una's Deathbed
91     Andrew Rai Berzins: Baby Gaga

20     Jennifer Zilm: Two Poems
24     Thomas O'Grady: Twist
25     Sue Chenette: Ship Rex
45     K.V. Skene: Three Poems
48     John Wall Barger: Two Poems
51     Connie Pan: Two Poems
65     Frederick Wilbur: The Call
66     Conor Mc Donnell: <runprogram#^nightwatch^_creationsim>
67     Jonathan Greenhause: This is my 1st attempt at poetry,
69     Frances Boyle: Why isn't this on the curriculum?
79     Sarah Wolfson: Two Poems
83     andrea bennett: Two Poems
85     Roy J. Adams: The Nine Eleven Thing

5       David Adams Richards: Strange Comfort

103   Sue Sinclair: Shining a LIght on M. Travis Lane
         How Thought Feels: the poetry of M. Travis Lane, ed. Shane Neilson
107   Lynn Davies: Wave Games
         I'd Write the Sea Like a Parlour Game, Alison Dyer
109   Richard Cumyn: The Life In-Between
         Life on Mars, Lori McNulty
112   Susan Haley: running together under the lights
         Annie Maktuk and Other Stories, Norma Dunning
114   M. Travis Lane: That World and This One
         Orpheus in Our World, Patricia Keeney

120    Notes on Contributors

Monika Wright
With Powerful Intention
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 40 in.