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Current Issue

No. 286 (Winter 2021)

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6       Sue Sinclair: In Memoriam: Don Domanski (1950-2020)
16     Shashi Bhat: Fiction Contest Editorial

Creative Nonfiction
37     Chafic LaRochelle: A Man, Without
48     Jen Ashburn: Borax and Cornmeal
93     Emira Tufo: Heroes

17     Elise Thorburn: Rubens' Salmon
50     Sheri Benning: Skinned
59     Liz Johnston: Invisible woman
76     Ambika Thompson: Greenland Sharks
103   Dylan Taylor: Homemaker

  7    Don Domanski: Five Poems
29    Rosebud Ben-Oni: Three Poems
45    Phoebe Wang: Three Poems
54    Carol Krause: Two Poems
56    Angie Macri: Flight, Display, Camouflage, Insulation
57    Amy Parkes: Abacus
58    Keith Taylor: The Last Monarch
71    Rose Maloukis: These Weeds
72    David Bradford: Three Poems
75    Anthony Purdy: The subtle tumour
85    LN Woodward: Eviction Notice
88    Jake Goldwasser: Two Poems
90    Monica Rico: Two Poems
96    Jim Johnstone: Future Ghost

111  Steve Noyles,...careful, layered creation A Dark House and Other Stories, Ian Colford
113  Emily Skov-Neilson, "Accept this rock, its odd love" Crow Gulch, Douglas Walbourne-Gough
117  Richard Kelly Kemick, Kumquats and Eclipses, Soft Power, Stewart Cole
119  M. Travis Lane, "Tronno Hijabi" Washes, Prays, Noor Naga
122  Richard Cumyn, You Don't Want it Darker Dirty Birds, Morgran Murray

126   Notes on Contributors

Curtis Botham
Nocturne, 2015
Digital Photograph