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Current Issue

No. 280 (Summer 2019)

6       Mark Anthony Jarman: Pyramid Electric Company

8       Eden Robinson: Three Stories
12     Daniel Woodrell: Never Call a Doctor
15     Jowita Bydlowska: Penelope
27     Steven Heighton: Expecting
42     Cynthia Flood: They Took Her Out
50     Rabindranath Maharaj: The Second Life
56     David Huebert: Chemical Valley
78     Lisa Alward: Pomegranate
85     Mehdi M. Kashani: The Late Bloomer
93     Charlie Fiset: The Miracle of the Sun
102   Andrew Tibbetts: A Short Guide to the Symphonies of Anna-Liisa Ahtisaari
114   Marcia Walker: Mating Impreratives
122   Tamas Dobozy: Ray Electric
143   Georgina Beaty: Whiff
156   Joelle Tymchuk: Last Born
161   Raymond Fraser: The Hero

166   Catherine Greenwood, Arrows Pointing North
         Madame Victoria, Catherine Leroux. Trans. Lazar Lederhendler
168   Richard Cumyn: Goodness gracious, great hordes of lemmings!
         Land Mammals and Sea Creatures, Jen Neale
171   Ian Colford, "Readable Riches"
         You Can't Stay Here, Jasmina Odor
         A Feast of Brief Hopes, Bruce Meyer
         This Keeps Happening, H.B. Hogan
         The Ambassador of What: Stories, Adrian Michael Kelly
176    Susan Haley: A magical world?
          Anna Like Thunder, Peggy Herring
179    Starlit Simon: Endurance, grit, and humour
          Taapoategl & Pallet, Peter Clair
181    Steve Noyes: Austere Beauty
          The High-Rise in Fort Fierce, Paul Carlucci

185   Notes on Contributors

Muhammad Al-Digeil
Enchanted near Macondo 
Digital photograph