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Current Issue

No. 285 (Autumn 2020)

6      Ariel Gordon: Creative Nonfiction Contest Editorial

The Fiddlehead 75 — Birthday Greetings 
7     Tammy Armstrong, David Huebert, Shane Neilson

Creative Nonfiction
9       Morgan Charles: Plagued
47     Julia Cottrelle: Letting Go

26     Naoko Kumagai: Karafuto
51     Elana Mabrito: Legs
66     Conor Kerr: Bridges
84     Lazarus Trubman: Toxic Susan
102   Dustin M. Hoffman: A Sky So Sharp

17    Michael Prior: Two Poems
21    Ellen Chang Richardson: rain brings the angler fish
22    Mark Truscott: Two Poems
24    Anna Lowe Weber: Two Poems
37    Blair Palmer Yoxall: Two Equal Parts Oxygen
42    Chris Bailey: Two Poems
44    Mary Gilliland: Two Poems
46    Robert Hilles: Radiation is Everlasting
57    Jan Conn: Three Poems
62    Tanis MacDonald: Other Fish
63    Manahil Bandukwala: Two Poems
76    Linda Rui Feng: Unmended Wall
77    Audrey Dubois: Three Poems
81    Ricardo Sternberg: Hogs
93    Sasha Burshteyn: Two Poems
95    Jenny Haysom: Two Poems
98    Richard Sanger: Four Poems

115  Ian Colford, Family Matters Crow, Amy Spurway
117  Melanie Power, The Tragedy of Memory, Birding in the Glass Age of Isolation, Curtis LeBlanc
119  Susan Haley, growing up through the dirt, Crocuses Hatch from Snow, Jamie Burnet
122  Sue Sinclair, "An Always Adjusting River" Year of the Metal Rabbit, Tammy Armstrong

125   Notes on Contributors

Vicki Maclean
From the Hotel Window
Oil on board
24.25 x 18 in.