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Current Issue

No. 270 (Winter 2017)


5       Jasmina Odor: Skin Like Almonds
32     Charlie Fiset: Uliana
55     David Clerson: Brothers (translated by Katia Grubisic)
72     Darryl Whetter: Scraping Off the Velvet
93     David Carpenter: Hope

20     Steve McOrmond: Three Poems
23     Simon Armitage: Two Poems
26     Matthew Tierney: Two Poems
28     David Hickey: Four Poems
45     Kim Trainor: Two Poems
50     Kevin Shaw: Three Poems
61     M. Travis Lane: Three Poems
65     Sonnet L’Abbé: Three Poems
68     Adam Sol: Four Poems
83     Cellan Jay: Two Poems
85     Richard Sanger: Two Poems
89     Jan Conn: Two Poems

106    Mark Dickinson: Personal Archeology
          The Names, Tim Lilburn
108    Susan Haley: Listen for the island
          The Memento, Christy Ann Conlin
110    Ian Colford: “Down and Out in the Canadian Short Story”
          Wild Pieces: Stories, Catherine Hogan Safer
          Debris: Stories, Kevin Hardcastle
114    Katia Grubisic: The Sickness of History
          Makarska, Jim Bartley
116    Lynn Davies: A grand nod to the intricate world
          Caribou Run, Richard Kelly Kemick

120    Notes on Contributors

Ann Manuel
Blur I
Oil on board
30 x 24 in.