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Current Issue

No. 284 (Summer Poetry 2020)

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6      Sue Sinclair: Take Care

11     Ian Williams: Two Poems
15     Conor Kerr: Five Poems
20     Patricia Young: Four Poems
24     Marianne Boruch: Two Poems
26     Sharon McCartney: Hey Trouble
32     Scott Lemoine: Two Poems
35     Rayanne Haines: Two Poems
37     Alyda Faber: Three Poems
41     Billeh Nickerson: Two Poems
44     Lindsay Bird: The Waiting Room
45     Adam Sol: Three Poems
51     Tammy Armstrong: Six Poems
61     Eleonore Schönmaier: Two Poems
65     Jaswinder Bolina: Three Poems
68     Émile Nelligan trans. Ben Ladouceur: Two Poems
72     John Reibetanz: Ariel
74     Gary Barwin: Five Poems
79     Kirby: Two Poems
81     Simon Brown: Three Poems
84     Isabella Wang: Pebble Swing
89     Heather Bartlett: Two Poems
92     Stephen Dunn: For the Revolution
93     Shane Neilson: Three Poems
99     Kevin Heslop: i cavalloni
101   Geneviève Paiement: Three Poems
104   Jessica Johns: Two Poems
106   Domenica Martinello: Two Poems
109   RM Vaughan: Three Poems
116   M.L. Martin: Two Poems
118   Jordan Abel: Excerpt from Empty Spaces
129   John Barton: Three Poems
132   James Langer: Two Poems
137   Neil Surkan: Four Poems
142   Ellie Sawatzky: Three Poems
146   Terese Mason Pierre: Two Poems
148   Helen Robertson: I'll Tell You
149   Perry Reimer: Three Poems
154   Cynthia Hogue: after the war the house lay in ruins
155   Rhea Tregebov: Two Poems
157   Kevin Shaw: Two Poems
160   Alice Burdick: Two Poems

162   Travis Lane, Not the Ark You Wanted, Shared Universe: New and Selected Poems 1995-2020, Paul Vermeersch
165   Lynn Davies, Wide Open to Small, Lift, Emily Davison
168   Clarissa Hurley, inside us, wildflowers, What Kind of Man are You, Degan Davis
172   Emily Skov-Nielson, Of Water and Worlds in Translation, Correspondent, Dominique Bernier-Cormier
174   Susan Haley, memory as strong as a child's will, Bones, Tyler Pennock

178   Notes on Contributors

Derek Beaulieu and Rhys Farrell
Lens Flare 16
Visual Poem