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Current Issue

No. 293 (Autumn 2022)

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Canadian Addresses

International Addresses







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6     Lindsay Wong: Creative Nonfiction Contest Editorial

Creative Nonfiction
7     Jenny Hwang: Silkworms
18   Spencer Knight: Snuff

34   Corinna Chong: Love Cream Heat
50   Jessamyn Hope: Verified Purchase
70   Johnathan Fahey: AceDougieFlexProductions
84   Bill Gaston: Old-Fashioned Story

13   Tolu Oloruntoba: Four Poems
28   Claire Matthews: You Get Used to It
31   Russell Thornton: Nightstand
33   Farah Ghafoor: A Robin Lands on the Windowsill of My Childhood Bedroom
46   Jean Eng: Two Poems
49   Manahil Bandukwala: Ghazal: Red
66   Sabrina Black: Stolpersteine / Stumbling Stones
68   Lisa Richter: Two Poems
80   Joe Enns: Two Poems
82   Anna Moore: Two Poems

94     Kirby: John Barton, Gay Canlit Icon, We Are Not Avatars, John Barton
96     M. Travis Lane: “Fragments of eternity”, Ruins of the Heart, Six Longpoems, Kristjana Gunnars
100   Ian Colford: Betwixt and Between, All the Quiet Places, Brian Thomas Isaac
102   Manahil Bandukwala: Poets as Observers of Space and Absence, Quiet Night Think, Gillian Sze
103   thom vernon: Querelle of Roberval, Querelle of Roberval, Kevin Lambert, trans. Donald Winkler
106   gillian harding-russel: Often Overlooked: An Introspective Poet, The Essential Elizabeth Brewster, selected Ingrid Ruthig

109   Notes on Contributors

Eva Christensen
Feed, 2021
Watercolour on paper.
16 x 20 in.