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Current Issue

No. 272 (Summer 2017)


5       Mark Anthony Jarman: Arcane 17

7       Eden Robinson: Nanas I Have Loved
16     Bill Gaston: Oscar Peterson's Warm Brown Bum
27     Margaret Sweatman: The Elsewhere of Peter
38     Segun Afolabi: At the Table
52     Carly Rosalie Vandergriendt: Neal Baker's Zebra-Skin Rug
62     Sam Shelstad: Mrs. Flood Was Here
70     Allison LaSorda: Boyd Hits the Ranch
78     Lisa Alward: Maeve
87     Richard Cumyn: Mandrill in Repose
103   Catherine Austen: Mr. Boots
113   Nick Michalak: Malingerer
122   Paige Cooper: Zolitūde
134   Christopher Graham-Rombough: Girl in the Vase
142   Sean Johnston: Another New Story

148   Matthew Ferrence: The Foxes of Prince Edward Island

160   Kate Kennedy: Divine and Everyday
         I've Always Felt Sorry for Decimals, Robert Gibbs
162   Ian Colford: "An Englishman in New Brunswick"
         The Museum at the End of the World, John Metcalf
165   Richard Cumyn: Fiction as Rx
         Will, Shane Neilson
167   Clarissa Hurley: No catharsis here
         Pig Girl, Colleen Murphy
170   Richard Kelly Kemick: . . . a delayed bus, a fox skulking in the weeds
         The Two of Us, Kathy Page
172   Susan Haley: An Appropriate Ending
         Night Ambulance, Nicholas Ruddock
175   Steve Noyes: Not Everything Will Pass
         Do Not Say We Have Nothing, Madeleine Thien

181    Notes on Contributors

Mark Anthony Jarman
Chairman Mao Statue, Shanghai
Digital Photograph