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Current Issue

No. 273 (Autumn 2017)


Remembering Alden Nowlan
5       Ross Leckie: The Collected Poems of Alden Nowlan
6       David Adams Richards: Alden's Poems
7       Corinne Schriver Wasilewski: An Interview with Alden Nowlan

21     Brent van Staalduinen: Those Days Just a Glimmer
30     Carmelinda Scian: Yellow-Watch
52     Tony Robinson-Smith: The Pillar of Rock
56     David Huebert: Sitzpinkler
78     Tina Silver: Simulation Camp
103   Andrea Routley: Tiger, Tiger
114   Hugh Graham: My Body Lies over the Ocean

43     Bardia Sinaee: Two Poems
45     Darren Bifford: Three Poems
48     Warren Heiti: Two Poems
50     Douglas Burnet Smith: Landscape with Horses
90     Jim Johnstone: Two Poems
93     Katrina Naomi: Two Poems
96     Laura Ritland: Four Poems
100   Paul Vermeersch: Two Poems

124   Lynn Davies: Our Zippered Selves
        Tell Them It Was Mozart, Angeline Schellenberg
127   Clarissa Hurley: Phantom Limbs
        Brothers, David Clerson, Trans. Katia Grubisic
129   Kate Cayley: Deceptively Small
        In the Small Hours, Erin Brubacher
131   Alexander Carey: Sad Things (Keep) Happening
        Bad Things Happen, Kris Bertin
133   Susan Haley: Cerulean, Indigo, Tourmaline, Turquoise
        Ice Diaries: An Antarctic Memoir, Jean McNeil

138    Notes on Contributors

Jessie Babin
Kit 1
Graphite and black pencil on paper mounted on wood panel
30 x 24 in.