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Current Issue

No. 279 (Spring 2019)

6      Sue Sinclair: Spring 2019 Introduction
8      Ross Leckie: Kazim Ali's Sublime Ordinary

Creative Nonfiction
69     Annie Q. Syed: Landscape Through the Body
92     Dominik Parisien: The Dark Room

39     Ahmad Danny Ramadan: My Name is Bridge
49     Michael Maitland: The Rabbit
58     Jacqueline Mastin: Telling Lives
82     Chris Benjamin: Arsonists

10     Kazim Ali: Fourteen Poems
65     Kim Trainor: Paper birch
66     Nolan Natasha: Wingspan
68     Alycia Pirmohamed: Avian Circulatory System
76     Erin Noteboom: Radium Girls
78     Patrick Deeley: The Wedge
79     Geoff Pevlin: Two Poems
86     Megan Denton Ray: As in Blackjack
87     Síle Englert: Three Poems
91     Matthew Gwathmey: At Acadia Dump, Later On
97     Soraya Peerbaye: Pomegranate
99     Jean-Philippe Raîche. Trans. Jo-Anne Elder: Atsé / Variations on Atsé
101   Rebecca Thomas: Pennies
103   Herbert Woodward Martin: Two Poems
106   Patricia Corbus: The Bright Blue Sofa
107   Tim Fab-Eme: We Bury Our Names
108   Herménégilde Chiasson. Trans. Shane Neilson and Janet Sunohara-Neilson: À Rimbaud du fond de la nuit
110   Jaclyn Desforges: Homecoming

111   Shane Neilson: Fermenting Over Time
         To Live and DIe in Scoudouc, Herménégilde Chiasson. Trans. Jo-Anne Elder.
113   Brian Bartlett: Blessings on Those Who Stepped Forward Then
         How to Avoid Huge Ships, Julie Bruck
         Reunion, Deanna Young
116    Ian Colford: "In Love With Language"
         The Discovery of Honey, Terry Griggs
119    Kim Fahner: Weaving a more connected world
         Reckon, Steve McOrmond
120    Susan Haley: The bloodstained land we live on
         Agrimou, A Legend of he Micmac, S. Douglass Huyghue

124   Notes on Contributors

Alexandrya Eaton
Springtime (2018)
Acrylic on canvas
44 x 58 in.