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No. 278 (Winter 2019)

Introduction: Sue Sinclair

Creative NonfictionRowan McCandless

Fiction: Liane Gabora, Catherine Austen, Avi Sirlin, and Chris Graham-Rombough

Poetry: Gwen Benaway, Matthew Stepanic, Shannon Webb-Campbell, Susan Haldane, Tim Bowling, Sneha Madhavan-Reese, David Barrick, Maureen Hynes, Elizabeth Ross, Bruce Bond, Rob Winger, and Nancy Lee

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Susan Haley, David Creelman, Clarissa Hurley, and Katia Grubisic

No. 277 (Autumn 2018)

The Fiddlehead is proud to present our first-ever Creative Nonfiction issue, edited by Alicia Elliott! 

Contributors include R.L. Aseret, Tara Campbell, Mary Chen, Šari Dale, Zarrin Darnell-Martin, Tyler Dunning, Gila Green, Nicholas Herring, Mikka Jacobsen, Jeanie Keogh, Ania Mroczek, Dominik Parisien, David Rock, Erin Soros, Jill M. Talbot, Arielle Twist, Charmaine Ward, and Angela Wright.

We're excited for you to read it — enjoy!

No. 276 (Summer 2018)

Our summer issue is now on its way to your mailbox and to newsstands. It's packed with poems from Liz Howard, Ali Blythe, John Reibetanz, A.F. Moritz, John Barton, Catherine Seton, Anita Lahey (with artwork by Pauline Conley), Jan Conn, Alisha Dukelow, Shane Rhodes, Gwen Benaway, Amanda Jernigan, Stephanie Bolster, Herménégilde Chiasson (with translations by Jo-Anne Elder), Rebecca Păpucaru, Janet Rogers, Stewart Cole, Paola Ferrante, Marc Di Saverio, Mariah Lynne Dear, Julie Mannell, Shane Neilson, Katie Fewster-Yan, Catriona Wright, Robin Richardson, Claudia Coutu Radmore, the Erasing Frankenstein Collective, Joshua Whitehead, Neil Surkan, Adam Sol, Mary Dalton, Peter Richardson, Danielle Hubbard, Kayla Czaga!


No. 275 (Spring 2018)

Welcome to our 2018 Spring issue! Read the winning poems and excerpts from the winning stories from our 27th annual literary contest. And as editor Ross Leckie puts it: "Pick up the gorgeous spring issue and you can bend its soft pages this way and that, pulling an early spring toward you or stretching the snowy pages toward May flowers."

No. 274 (Winter 2018)

Fiction: Bipin Aurora, Elly M. Graff, Richard Kelly Kemick, Brad Hartle, Michael Meagher, Chris Kuriata, and Andrew Rai Berzins.

Poetry: Jennifer Zilm, Thomas O'Grady, Sue Chenette, K.V. Skene, John Wall Barger, Connie Pan, Frederick Wilbur, Conor Mc Donnell, Jonathan Greenhause, Frances Boyle, Sarah Wolfson, andrea bennett, and Roy J. Adams. 

Nonfiction: David Adams Richards.

Reviews: Sue Sinclair, Lynn Davies, Richard Cumyn, Susan Haley, and M. Travis Lane.

No. 273 (Autumn 2017)

Remembering Alden NowlanRoss Leckie, David Adams Richards, and Corinne Schriver Wasilewski.

Fiction: Brent van Staalduinen, Carmelinda Scian, Tony Robinson-Smith, David Huebert, Tina Silver, Andrea Routley, and Hugh Graham.

Poetry: Bardia Sinaee, Darren Bifford, Warren Heiti, Douglas Burnet Smith, Jim Johnstone, Katrina Naomi, Laura Ritland, and Paul Vermeersch.

Reviews: Lynn Davies, Clarissa Hurley, Kate Cayley, Alexander Carey, and Susan Haley.

No. 272 (Summer 2017)

Introduction: Mark Anthony Jarman.

Fiction: Eden Robinson, Bill Gaston, Margaret Sweatman, Segun Afolabi, Carly Rosalie Vandergriendt, Sam Shelstad, Allison LaSorda, Lisa Alward, Richard Cumyn, Catherine Austen, Nick Michalak, Paige Cooper, Christopher Graham-Rombough, and Sean Johnston.

Nonfiction: Matthew Ferrence.

Reviews: Kate Kennedy, Ian Colford, Richard Cumyn, Clarissa Hurley, Richard Kelly Kemick, Susan Haley, and Steve Noyes.

No. 271 (Spring 2017)

Introductions: Ross Leckie.

Fiction: Kate Finegan, Steven Benstead, Ann Cavlovic, Shane Goth, and Deirdre Simon Dore.

Poetry: Dominique Bernier-Cormier, Tammy Armstrong, Kim Trainor, Norman Dubie, Julie Eliopoulos, Kurt Skov-Nielsen, Barry Dempster, Rocco de Giacomo, Heather Cadsby, and Michael Trussler. 

Reviews: Mark Dickinson, M. Travis Lane, Susan Haley, Richard Kelly Kemick, Rebecca Geleyn, and Shane Neilson.

No. 270 (Winter 2017)

Poetry: Steve McOrmond, Simon Armitage, Matthew Tierney, David Hickey, Kim Trainor, Kevin Shaw, M. Travis Lane, Sonnet L’Abbé, Adam Sol, Cellan Jay, Richard Sanger, Jan Conn.

Fiction: Jasmina Odor, Charlie Fiset, David Clerson, Darryl Whetter, David Carpenter. 

Reviews: Mark Dickinson, Susan Haley, Ian Colford, Katia Grubisic, Lynn Davies.

No. 269 (Autumn 2016)

Fiction: Richard Kelly Kemick, Sheila McClarty, Jaki McCarrick, Grant Buday, and Martin L. West.

Poetry: Aislinn Hunter, Brittney Scott, D.S. Stymeist, Bruce Bond, Andre Demers, Joelle Barron, Monica Kidd, Jami Macarty, Laura K. McRae, Julie Cameron Gray, Rob Taylor, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Doyali Islam, Ellen Kombiyil, Cristina Viviani, Mallory Tater, Gerald Hill, and Deirdre Laidlaw.

Out of Place: Ann Copeland.

Reviews: Anita Lahey, Clarisssa Hurley, Emily Skov-Nielsen, Ryan Gaio, and Mark Dickinson. 

No. 268 (Summer 2016)

Introductions: Ross Leckie and Ian LeTourneau.

Poetry: Mary Jo Salter, Alyda Faber, Marlene Cookshaw, Ruth Roach Pierson, Michael Prior, Teresa Ott, Shane Neilson, Ben Ladouceur, Don McKay, Thylias Moss, Dani Couture, Cassidy McFadzean, Charles Wright, Lynn Davies, John Steffler, Gregory Scofield, Jan Zwicky, Patricia Young, Weyman Chan, Joseph Kidney, Dina Del Bucchia, Stevie Howell, and Les Murray. 

Reviews: Thomas Hodd, M. Travis Lane, Susan Haley, Mark Dickinson, Shane Neilson, Triny Finlay, and Richard Kelly Kemick.

No. 267 (Spring 2016)

It's that time of year when fiddleheads are now bountiful along New Brunswick riverbanks, which means it's that also that time of year for our Spring issue. Inside you'll find a lovely tribute to Frances Firth Gammon, one of The Fiddlehead founding members, written by her daughter Carolyn Firth Gammon. You'll also find the winners of our 25th annual literary contest, Brent van Staalduinen for short fiction and Michael Eden Reynolds for poetry. 

Editorials: Ross Leckie, Carolyn Firth Gammon

FictionBrent van Staalduinen, Sarah L. Taggart, Cathy Kozak, Lauren Carter, Michael Meagher, Connie Gault, Barry Dempster. 

Poetry: Frances (Firth) Gammon, Michael Eden Reynolds, Alison Goodwin, Jeff Parent, Ruth Roach Pierson, Richard Norman, Michael Pacey, Adèle Barclay, Susan Gillis, Clea Roberts, Adele Graf, Maureen Scott Harris, Peter Richardson, Bill Howell.

ReviewsIan Colford, M. Travis Lane, Susan Haley, Richard Kelly Kemick, Allen Bentley, Sean Johston.

No. 266 (Winter 2016)

Fiction: Sara Taylor, Mona'a Malik, Mark Jacquemain, Moez Surani, Rolaine Hochstein, and Shirley Sullivan.

Poetry: Matt Rader, Tammy Armstrong, Claire Kelly, John Reibetanz, John Steffler, Shane Rhodes, Jane Awde Goodwin, Jan Conn, Jennifer Houle, Diane Tucker, Jim Johnstone, and Marvin Bell.

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Susan Haley, Sean Johnston, Ian Colford, and Anita Lahey.

No. 265 (Autumn 2015)

Fiction: Steven Heighton, Lorna Jackson, Paul Carlucci, and Wayne Yetman.

Poetry: Rachel Rose, Dan O'Brien, Nick Thran, Annick MacAskill, Allison LaSorda, John Terpstra, Jane Spavold Tims, Lenea Grace, Sean Howard, John Barton, Elizabeth Hoover, Howard Wright, Michelle Barker, Nathan Mader, Mike Caesar, Conor Mc Donnell, Sarah B. Wiseman, and Bert Almon.

Reviews: Shane Neilson, Richard Kelly Kemick, M. Travis Lane, Rebecca Geleyn, and Mark Dickinson.

No. 264 (Summer 2015)

Editorial: Mark Jarman.

Fiction: Daniel Woodrell, Alice Peterson, Kathy Page, Mona'a Malik, D.R. MacDonald, Paul Leathers, Paige Cooper, Rod Moody-Corbett, Charlie Fiset, Kevin Hardcastle, Cynthia Flood, Mark Jacquemain, Rachel Adams, and Rob Doyle.

Reviews: Richard Cumyn, Clarissa Hurley, Richard Kelly Kemick, Ian Colford, Reid Lodge, and Susan Haley.

No. 263 (Spring 2015)

Editorial: Ross Leckie.

Fiction: Lisa Alward, David McLaren, Kari Lund-Teigen, Mark Jordan Manner, and A.W. Marshall.

Poetry: Sean Howard, Michael Prior, Julie Cameron Gray, Louisa Howerow, Barry Dempster, Kate Kennedy, Emily Skov-Nielsen, Michael Quilty, Gerald Hill, Sue Chenette, Iain Higgins, David Solway, John Kinsella, Darryl Whetter, Laura Matwichuk, Micheline Maylor, Roger Nash, Amber Homeniuk, Kateri Lanthier, Bill Howell, and rob mclennan.

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Ian Colford, Jenny Haysom, Rebecca Geleyn, and Richard Kelly Kemick.

No. 262 (Winter 2015)

Fiction: Shane Neilson, Margaret Sweatman, Erich Mulhall, and Kris Bertin.

Non-Fiction: Rachel Lebowitz.

Poetry: Leonore Hildebrandt, Ron De Maris, Jordan Mounteer, Steve Lautermilch, Tim Bowling, Kate Cayley, Kayla Geitzler, Bruce Bond, Amanda Jernigan, Norman Dubie, Jane Hodgkinson, Jeredith Merrin, Alexandra Gilbert, Sheri Benning. 

Reviews: Ian Colford, Susan Haley, M. Travis Lane, Allison Lasorda, and Karen Schindler.

No. 261 (Autumn 2014)

Editorials: Ross Leckie, Mark Anthony Jarman, Douglas Gibson, and D.R. MacDonald

Stories: Alistair MacLeod, Matthew Leslie, Richard Cumyn, and Charlie Fiset.

Poetry: Stephanie Yorke, Brian Bartlett, Susan Buis, Jocko Benoit, Rocco de Giacomo, Michael Prior, Catherine Graham, Roger Nash, John Wall Barger, Kerry-Lee Powell, and Erin Noteboom & Seánan Forbes.

Reviews: Rebecca Geleyn, Michael Greenstein, Mark Sampson, Susan Haley, M. Travis Lane, and Shane Neilson.

No. 260 (Summer 2014)

Editorial: Ross Leckie. 

Poetry: Rae Armantrout, Sina Queyras, Bruce Bond, Richard Kelly Kemick, Jenny Haysom, Cassidy McFadzean, Nyla Matuk, Patricia Young, matt robinson, Miranda Pearson, Jan Conn, Jan Zwicky, Stephanie Bolster, Kayla Czaga, Michael Pacey, Anne Compton, Robyn Sarah, A.F. Moritz, Patrick Warner, Marvin Bell, Shoshanna Wingate, Bren Simmers, Steve Tomasko, Mary Cameron, Shane Neilson, and M. Travis Lane.

Reviews: M.Travis Lane, Richard Kelly Kemick, Susan Haley, Patricia Young, and Gerard Beirne. 

No. 259 (Spring 2014)

Editorial: Ross Leckie.

Fiction: Myler Wilkinson, Jill Widner, Wayde Compton, Naben Ruthnum, Michael Doyle, and George McWhirter.

Poetry: Kayla Czaga, Kyeren Regehr, Maureen Hynes, Joanna Lilley, Dorothy Field, Heather Cadsby, Cynthia Woodman Kerkham, John Reibetanz, John Barton, Keith Taylor, Michael Milburn, Ben Ladouceur, and Joan Shillington. 

Reviews: Richard Kelly Kemick, Susan Haley, Rebecca Geleyn, Mark Sampson, Sue Sinclair, Emily Bossé, and M. Travis Lane.

No. 258 (Winter 2014)

Fiction: Jane Rogers, Michelle Barker, Emily Bossé, and Michael Patrick Jessome. 

Poetry: Christopher Merrill & Marvin Bell, Alberto Ríos, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Alice Major, Molly Sutton Keifer, Adam Sol, Jeredith Merrin, Glenn Hayes, Bruce Bond, Robin Richardson, Michael Eden Reynolds, Antony Christie, Lee Peterson, Shane Neilson, Gary Allen. 

Reviews: Laurie D. Graham, M. Travis Lane, Richard Cumyn, Richard Kelly Kemick, and Rebecca Geleyn.

No. 257 (Autumn 2013)

Editorial: Nick Thran.

Fiction: Eliza Robertson, Sheila McClarty, Sean Johnston, Michael Dunwoody, and Michelle Butler Hallett.

Poetry: Yusef Komunyakaa, Anne Compton, Sue Sinclair, Allison LaSorda, Linda Frank, Sadiqa de Meijer, and George Elliott Clarke. 

Reviews: Sue Sinclair, Susan Haley, Shane Neilson, and M. Travis Lane.

No. 256 (Summer 2013)

Editorial: Gerard Beirne.

Fiction: Clea Young, Amy Jones, Daniel Woodrell, Craig Davidson, Mary O'Donnell, Hugh Graham, Raymond Fraser, F.W. Birt, Jann Everard, J.M. Villaverde, Mike McCormack, Wickliffe Walker, Célia Thompson, R.W. Gray, Eoin McNamee, and Margaret Sweatman.

Reviews: Shane Neilson, Gerard Beirne, Ian Colford, Heather Jessup, and Rebecca Geleyn.

No. 255 (Spring 2013)

EditorialsRoss Leckie and Chasity St. Louis.

FictionRhonda Collis, Jennifer Manuel, Vin Fielding, Greg Shupak, and Jeremy Lanaway.

Poetry: Elizabeth Brewster, Kim Trainor, Sue Chenette, Samantha Bernstein, Ruth Roach Pierson, matt robinson, Sean Howard, Elizabeth Ross, Alison Dyer, Tim Prior, Alec Hershman, Darryl Whetter, Peter Imsdahl, Daniel Karasik, Naomi Mulvihill, Robert Alan Burns, Desmond Graham, and Scott Andrew Christensen.

Reviews: Mark Dickinson, Barbara Colebrook Peace, Rebecca Geleyn, Richard Cumyn, and Susan Haley.

No. 254 (Winter 2013)

Fiction: Shana Myara, Billy O'Callaghan, Tamas Dobozy, Robin Evans, Kate Cayley, Patti Grayson.

Poetry: M. Travis Lane, Anne Pierson Wiese, Kevin Phan, Patrick M. Pilarski, Christine Walde, Jan Conn, Shane Rhodes, Daniel Kincade Renton, Shawn Riopelle, Emily Carr, Rachel Lebowitz, Mitchell Parry, Len Krisak, Carole L. MacKay, Julie Cameron Gray, David Pimm, Ava Gregorian, Doug Ramspeck, Ron De Maris, Brian Henderson, David Martin, Rhea Tregebov.

Reviews: Shane Neilson, Malcolm Forbes, Allison LaSorda, Susan Haley, M. Travis Lane.

No. 253 (Autumn 2012)

Introduction: Ross Leckie.

Fiction: Linda Svensen, Lorna Jackson, Eden Robinson, Cynthia Flood, Bill Gaston, Vanessa Li. 

Poetry: Matt Rader, Steve Noyes, Catherine Greenwood, Peter Norman, Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, George Bowering, Kevin McNeilly, Jay Ruzesky, Lisa Robertson, Elise Partridge, Aislinn Hunter, Donna Kane, Bren Simmers, Jane Munro, Gillian Wigmore, Patrick Friesen, Jan Zwicky, Tim Lilburn. 

Interview: Shane Rhodes interviews Tim Lilburn. 

Review: Ross Leckie.

No. 252 (Summer 2012)

Editorial: Ross Leckie.

Poetry: Eleanor Wilner, Anne Compton, Charles Wright, David Reibetanz, Jeremy Spohr, Elena E. Johnson, Gary Allen, Maureen Hynes, Shoshanna Wingate, Patricia Young, Stephanie Yorke, Cassidy McFadzean, Orlando Ricardo Menes, John Barton, Jeffery Donaldson, Jeffrey Gustavson, Daniel J. Langton, Craig Poile, Jacqueline Bourque, Souvankham Thammavongsa, Roger Nash, Kyeren Regehr, Rhonda Douglas, Hollay Ghadery, Jesse Patrick Ferguson, Matthew Tierney, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Rachel Lebowitz, Kenneth Sherman, Matt Schumacher, :Michael Trussler, Shane Neilson, Rocco de Giacomo, Rob Taylor, Esvie Coemish, Joanna Lilley, Adam Dickinson.

Reviews: Sue Sinclair, George Amabile, M. Travis Lane, Rebecca Geleyn, Mark Dickinson, Ruth Roach Pierson, M. Travis Lane. 

No. 251 (Spring 2012)

Editorial: Ross Leckie. 

Fiction: Cody Klippenstein, Valerie Spencer, Kevin A. Couture, Yasuko Thanh, Grant Buday.

Poetry: Jim Johnstone, Michael Londry, Michael Quilty, Shane Neilson, Ken Victor, Coleena Fanjoy, John Wall Barger, Heather Cadsby, Bruce Whiteman, Bruce Bond, Karen Enns, Branka Petrovic, Zachariah Wells, Gary Barwin, John Donlan, Yvonne Blomer, Emily McGiffin, William Buchan, Donna Kane, Brandi George, Murray Reiss, John McKernan.

Reviews: Rebecca Geleyn, Allison LaSorda, Sue Sinclair, M. Travis Lane, Ian Colford, Edward O'Connor, Susan Haley, Pat Leech.

No. 250 (Winter 2012)

Fiction: Christopher Meades, George McWhirter, David Swanson, Jill Sexsmith, and Gregory Phipps. 

Non-Fiction: Ben Miller.

Poetry: Airica Parker, Lynn Davies, Howard Wright, Pamela Porter, Darren Bifford, George Murray, Mike White, Darryl Whetter, Jami Macarty, Jade Scapillato, Thomas O'Grady, Michael Lithgow, and Norman Dubie.

Reviews: Rebecca Geleyn, M. Travis Lane, Mark Silverberg, Susan Haley, and Allison LaSorda. 

No. 249 (Autumn 2011)

Fiction: Elisabeth de Mariaffi, Dede Crane, Rachel Knudsen, and Patty Houston.

Poetry: Anita Lahey, Lise Gaston, Shane Neilson, Ricardo Sternberg, John Pass, Mary di Michele, Bruce Bond, Jeanette Lynes, Alberto Ríos, Susan Gillis, and Cara-Lyn Morgan.

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Karen Schindler, Shane Neilson, Susan Haley, Zachariah Wells, Peter Norman, and Ian Colford.

No. 248 (Summer 2011)

Editorial: Mark Anthony Jarman

Fiction: Elisabeth Harvor, Bill Gaston, Alice Petersen, Douglas Glover, Katherine Govier, J.M. Villaverde, Forrest Orser, Matthew Swaye, ML West, Andrew Smith, Wayne McIntyre, F.W. Birt, Gregory Foran, Rea Tarvydas, Leon Rooke, Rebecca Rosenblum, and Clark Blaise.

Reviews: Ian Colford, Susan Haley, Steve Noyes, Naomi K. Lewis, Ed O'Connor, Sharon Hunt, Shane Neilson, and Mark Dickinson.

No. 247 (Spring 2011)

Editorial: Ross Leckie and Mark Anthony Jarman.

Fiction: Will Johnson, Tim Bowling, Sandra Jensen, Michael Laverty, and Diana Swennes Smith. 

Poetry: Susan Steudel, Charmaine Cadeau, Catherine Owen, Melissa Walker, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Darryl Whetter, Bruce Taylor,  Julie Joosten,  Elana Wolff, Cory Brown, Kim Trainor, Geoffrey Cook, George Moore, J. Mark Smith, Shoshanna Wingate, Craig Poile, Kay Weber, Jacob Boyd, Michael Carrino, Mathew Martin, and Jim Johnstone.

Reviews: Shane Neilson, Ruth Roach Pierson, Jesse Patrick Ferguson, Shane Neilson, and Evan Jones.

No. 246 (Winter 2011)

Fiction: Michael Doyle, Sheila McClarty, Greg Bechtel, Shane Neilson, and Marjorie Celona.

Poetry: Jan Zwicky, Charmaine Cadeau, Christine Lowther, Sandy Pool, Marcus McCann, Matthew Goss, Jack Hannan, Medrie Purdham, Bill Howell, Tom Wayman, Garth Martens, Stephanie Yorke, Ian Williams, Steve Myers, and Shane Rhodes. 

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Shane Neilson, Ian Colford, and Kirstie McCallum. 

No. 245 (Autumn 2010)

Editorial: Brian Bartlett. 

Fiction: Jane Silcott, Alexander MacLeod, Wasela Hiyate, Erika Van Winden, and Kevin A. Couture. 

Poetry: Bill Bauer, Aislinn Hunter, Tim Bowling, Jane Munro, Barry Dempster, Jan Conn, A. F. Moritz, Daniel Aureliano Newman, Stewart Cole, Patrick Warner, and Danny Jacobs.

Reviews: Mark Dickinson, Naomi K. Lewis, Susan Haley, Collette Saunders, and Heather Jessup.

No. 244 (Summer 2010)

Editorial: Ross Leckie, Sharon McCartney, and Katia Grubisic.

Poetry: Marvin Bell, Sue Sinclair, Erin Knight, Sue Goyette, Robert Gibbs, Danielle Devereaux, Jeannine Savard, Brian Bartlett, Nick Thran, April Ripley, Don McKay, A. F. Moritz, Cynthia Hogue, Daryl Hine, Stephanie Yorke, Don Coles, Adam Sol, Anne Compton, M. Travis Lane, Ken Babstock, David Seymour, and Jorie Graham. 

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Shane Neilson, Mark Dickinson, Sue Sinclair, Steve Noyes, Ruth Roach Pierson, and Patricia Young. 

No. 243 (Spring 2010)

Editorial: Ross Leckie. 

Fiction: Eliza Robertson, Sara Heinonen, Susi Lovell, R.W. Gray, and Jill Sexsmith.

Poetry: Jeff Steudel, Kim Trainor, Heidi Garnett, John Barton, Hendrik Slegtenhorst, James Gurley, Meghan Martin, James Norcliffe, John Creary, M.J. Golias, Shawn Riopelle, Shane Neilson, Christine Wiesenthal, Kate Cayley, Andrew Faulkner, Susan Telfer, Jared Harel, Tim Prior, Michelle Elrick, Matthew Goss, Harold Rhenisch, Patrick M. Pilarski, Sean Howard, Jennifer Bronson, Melanie Bell, and Christen Thomas.

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Shane Neilson, Kamia Creelman, Ian Colford, and Catherine Greenwood.

No. 242 (Winter 2010)

Fiction: Deborah-Anne Tunney, Sheila McClarty, Julie Curwin, Carey Rudisill, and Lori McNulty.

Poetry: Russell Thornton, John Donlan, Marvin Bell, Emily Carr, matt robinson, charles c. smith, Michaela Essl, Jim Nason, Peggy Shumaker, Jeffery Donaldson, Carol Barbour, Miranda Hill, and Mike Madill.

Reviews: H. Nigel Thomas, Mark Dickinson, Naomi Lewis, John Herbert Cunningham, and Susan Haley. 

No. 241 (Autumn 2009)

Fiction: Nicholas Ruddock, Wasela Hiyate, Michael Kissinger, Jennifer Hedges, and Renée Hartleib. 

Poetry: Norman Dubie, Elizabyth A. Hiscox, Shane Neilson, Vanessa Moeller, Blaise Moritz, Edwin Turner, Sandra Ridley, Cynthia Hogue, Douglas S. Jones, Kirstie McCallum, Kathleen Brown, Emily Davidson, Stephanie Gehring, Ilona Martonfi, Hillel Schwartz, Darryl Whetter, Paul Tyler, John Wall Barger, Brian Burke, and Richard Kenefic. 

Reviews: Jesse Patrick Ferguson, Kristel Thornell, Ted Colson, Lynn Davies, Ruth Roach Pierson, Greg Shupak, Benjamin Griffin, Warren Heiti, and Shane Neilson.

No. 240 (Summer 2009)

Editorial: Mark Anthony Jarman.

Fiction: Alice Petersen, Rebecca Rosenblum, and Richard Cumyn, Hazel Lyder, Jeff Park, Paul Martone, Lori Hahnel, Elisabeth de Mariaffi, J.M. Villaverde, Stephanie Austin, Hugh Graham, Andrew MacDonald, Jennifer Stone, and Steven Heighton. 

Reviews: Katia Grubisic, Pat Leech, Shane Neilson, Ian Colford, Richard Cumyn, and Edward O'Connor.

No. 239 (Spring 2009)

Fiction: Laura Trunkey, Kirsten Donaghey, Ryan Frawley, Alex Leslie, and Michael Murphy. 

Poetry: Russell Thornton, Colleen Sanders, Patricia Young, Robyn Sarah, Lisa Martin-DeMoor, Shane Neilson, Tom Wayman, Susan Glickman, Eric Roy, Michael Blouin, David Zieroth, Marilyn Iwama, Louisa Howerow, Katerina Fretwell, Zoë Landale, Gerard Beirne, Eric Paul Shaffer, Kathy Mac, Leanne Averbach, and Stan Rogal. 

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Michael Thorpe, John H Cunningham, Karen Schindler, Steve Noyes, Nancy Richler, and Susan Haley. 

No. 238 (Winter 2009)

Fiction: Colette Maitland, L. Annette Binder, Dean Serravalle, and Thodora Armstrong.   

Poetry: David Seymour, Chris Hutchinson, Robert Gibbs, Monica Kidd, Andrew Slattery, Erika Westman, Claire Battershill, Zoe Whittall, Margaret Christakos, Shane Rhodes, Michael Johnson, James Wood, Catherine Owen, Laurelyn Whitt, James Pollock, Bren Simmers, Maureen Hynes, Maurice Mierau, and Joe Wilkins.

Reviews: Jennifer Andrews, Edward O'Connor, Richard Cumyn, Eric Miller, Shane Neilson, Michael DeBeyer, Ruth Roach Pierson, Jamie Dopp, Catherine Greenwood, and John Herbert Cunningham.

No. 237 (Autumn 2008)

Fiction: Karen Malley, Mary Akers, Nicole Dixon, Alice Petersen, Lucy Policelli, and Steve Noyes.

Poetry: Shane Neilson, Myles Zacharias, Kerrin McCadden, David Barrick, Barry Dempster, Richard Lemm, Matthew Tierney, Michael Lista, Michael Penny, Alberto Ros, Gerald Hill, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Nicholas Bradley, Edward Gates, Micheline Maylor, Natalie Helberg, Nancy Anne Miller, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Miranda Hill, Phoebe Wray, Anis Shivani, John Mann, Daniel Langton, and Sam Cheuk.

Reviews: Ian Colford, M. Travis Lane, Shane Neilson, Steve Noyes, and Michael DeBeyer.


No. 236 (Summer 2008)

Editorial: Tammy Armstrong, and Ross Leckie. 

Poetry: Charles Wright, Jan Zwicky, Tim Bowling, Troy Jollimore, Marvin Bell, Karen Solie, Mark Callanan, Sheryda Warrener, M. Travis Lane, Suzanne Nussey, Patrick Warner, Maleea Acker, David Reibetanz, Andrew Sant, Barbara Pelman, Brecken Rose Hancock, Mary Dalton, Alison Pick, Geoffrey Lindsay, Eric Miller, John Barton, Triny Finlay, George McWhirter, Jane Munro, Ern Moure, Lynn Davies, Anne Simpson, Sharon McCartney, Warren Heiti: Four Poems, Jennica Harper, Phil Hall, Ken Babstock, and Jeramy Dodds.

Essay: Bruce Meyer.

Reviews: Katia Grubisic, M. Travis Lane, Ruth Roach Pierson, Karen Schindler, and George Amabile.

No. 235 (Spring 2008)

Fiction: Maureen Bilerman, Richard Simas, Lesley Buxton, Dave Margoshes, Lori Hahnel, John C. Goodman, and Dave Miller.

Poetry: Jamella Hagen, Shane Neilson, Susan Steudel, Tim Bowling, Katia Grubisic, Jim Johnstone, Gabe Foreman, Robert Colman, Regan Taylor, Cornelia Hoogland, Tiphanie Yanique, Shari Andrews, Samantha Bernstein, Andy Weaver, Johanna Skibsrud, Amy-Leah White, Kate Kennedy.

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Lynn Davies, Naomi K. Lewis, Steve Noyes, Nancy Richler, Adam Sol, and Jesse Fergusson.

No. 234 (Winter 2008)

Fiction: Aaron Shepard, Randy DeVita, Joel Katelnikoff, Salvatore Difalco, Mary Lou Dickinson, and Zooly McNulty. 

Poetry: Patricia Young, A. F. Mortiz, Robyn Sarah, Margo Wheaton, Sonja Greckol, Paul Finn, Matilka Krow, Susie DeCoste, Emilia Nielsen, Michael deBeyer, Nanci Lee, Jan Conn, John Terpstra, Eleonore Schnmaier, Rawdon Tomlinson, Beverley Bie Brahic, Aaron Giovannone, Young Smith, Milan Parab, and Cory Brown.

Reviews: Steve Noyes, Shane Neilson, M. Travis Lane, Heather Jessup, Ian Colford, and Adrian Fowler.


No. 233 (Autumn 2007)

Editorial: Ross Leckie, Roger Ploude, Michael Taylor, and James Langer.

Fiction: Andrew Daley, Julie Paul, Jared Young, Jason Markowsky, and Derek Hayes.

Poetry: Simon Armitage, Matt Rader, Carla Funk, Tom Wayman, Stephanie Yorke, Kristina Bresnen, David Martin, John Lofranco, Jennifer Houle, Melanie Boyd, Henry Beissel, Karen Hofmann, and Leif E. Vaage.

Reviews: Lynn Davies, Ruth Roach Pierson, Steve Noyes, Warren Heiti, and Nigel Thomas.

No. 232 (Summer 2007)

Editorial: Mark Jarman.

Fiction: Raymond Fraser, Russell Wangersky, Patricia Young, Terence Young, Julie Paul, Alexander Jackson, Edward O'Connor, Jasmina Odor, Gavin J. Babstock, Richard Cumyn, Lorna Drew, David Whitton, Barbara Romanik, Kenneth Bonert, Anik See, Lesley Millard, and Scott McIntyre.

Reviews: Steve Noyes, Danny Jacobs, Katia Grubisic, and Ian Colford.

No. 231 (Spring 2007)

Editorial: Ross Leckie.

Fiction: Naomi K. Lewis, Jane Finlayson, Kathleen Brown, Christopher Kent, and Caitlin Hicks.

Poetry: Tim Bowling, John Reibetanz, Carmine Starnino, Barry Dempster, Iain Higgins, Valerie Stetson, Ron Charach, J. Mark Smith, Shane Neilson, Elizabeth Philips, Donna Kane, Dan Stryk, J. R. Toriseva, Mary Cameron, Page Richards, Carla Hartsfield, Rosemary Clewes, Adam Sol, and Eric Miller.

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Ruth Roach Pierson, Jesse Ferguson, Sheri Benning, Robert Priest, and Shane Neilson.

No. 230 (Winter 2007)

Editorial: Ross Leckie, and Andrew Sant.

Fiction: Russell Wangersky, Roseanne Harvey, Elaine McClusky, William Lynch, and Laura Wang Arseneau.

Poetry: Judith Beveridge, Sarah Day, Stephen Edgar, John Kinsella, Anthony Lawrence, Bronwyn Lea, Les Murray, Jan Owen, Peter Porter, Philip Salom, Kathleen Stewart, Rachel Lebowitz, Charlotte Hussey, Heather Cadsby, Patrick Warner, Lorna Crozier, C. Durning Carroll, Janice Whiskeyjack.Cameron, Kathy Mac, Alpay Ulku, David Clink, and Steve Noyes. 

Reviews: M. Travis Lane, Michael Thorpe, Marc Thackray, Shane Neilson, M. Travis Lane, Nancy Bauer, and Robert Sward.

No. 229 (Autumn 2006)

Editorial: Ross Leckie

Fiction: Margaret Sweatman, Kevin A. Couture, Nicholas Ruddock, Michael Bryson, Carol Bruneau, and Michael Rottman.

Poetry: Adam Dickinson, Nadine McInnis, Anne Shifrer, Tony DSouza, Andrew Sant, John Wall Barger, Andrea MacPherson, Ria Voros, Jannie Edwards, Elise Partridge, Maureen Hynes, Rachel Lebowitz, Michael Quilty, Peter Richardson, Stephanie Yorke, Desmond Graham, Shane Rhodes, Karen Enns, Amber Dawn Upfold, Chris Banks, Samantha Marcelo, Hillel Schwartz, Christopher A. Taylor, David Barrick, and Sachiko Murakami.

Reviews: Bill Bauer, M. Travis Lane, Helen Fogwill Porter,  Michael Lockett, and Robert Gibbs.