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Editor: Sue Sinclair 
Associate Editor: Ross Leckie
Managing EditorIan LeTourneau
Advisory Editors: Billy-Ray Belcourt, Jo-Anne Elder, Rowan McCandless, Soraya Peerbaye, Shane Rhodes, Shannon Webb-Campbell 
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Alicia Elliott
Fiction Editors: Gerard Beirne, Clarissa Hurley, Mark Anthony Jarman
Editorial Board: Jenna Lyn Albert, Joelle Barron, Roxanna Bennett, William Bonfiglio, Amanda Dawson, Jann Everard, Kayla Geitzler, Kendra Guidolin, Sarah Hamill, Susie Hammond, Izza Hassan, Erin Hiebert, Mikka Jacobsen, Zach Keesey, Joelle Levesque, Madelaine Longman, Taidgh Lynch, Carley Mayson, Niwar Ameen Obaid, Melanie Power, Chantelle Rideout, Matt Robinson, Carmelinda Scian, Emily Skov-Nielsen, Cristalle Smith, Melissa Spohr-Weiss, Karli Woods, Stephanie Yorke
Editors Emeriti: Bill Gaston, Robert Gibbs, Don McKay, Jan Zwicky
Book Reviews: Sabine Campbell, Ross Leckie
Administrative Assistant: Kelsey Hovey
Design and Layout: Ian LeTourneau, Emily Skov-Nielsen
Marketing and Promotions: Emily Skov-Nielsen

About Us

The Fiddlehead was first established in 1945. What began as a mimeographed 8-page journal stapled together by Alfred Bailey is now a veritable institution of literary culture in Canada. For over 70 years, The Fiddlehead has continually upheld its mandate to publish accomplished poetry, short fiction, and Canadian literature reviews; to discover and promote new writing talent; to represent the Atlantic region's lively cultural and literary diversity; and to place the best of new and established Canadian writing in an international context. 

We began, and we remain, a regional magazine with a national and international reputation. Although we appreciate diversity and innovation in writing, the work we publish is also consistent in quality. We are committed to exposing readers to the latest work produced by reputable and emerging authors. To quote John Metcalf, “The Fiddlehead was, and is, an essential part of Canada’s literary life. Its editors have always taken seriously their responsibility to seek out and encourage new young writers and give them a hearing in the company of their elders.” 

The Fiddlehead occasionally swaps its mailing list with other literary organizations. Please contact us if you don't want us to include your information on that list.