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150th Senate Medals Given Out in Fredericton

At a ceremony on January 20, 2018, Canadian senator David Adams Richards handed out 12 150th Senate Medals. In a news release, Senator Richards says, "I am very pleased to be presenting the 150th Senate Medals to twelve deserving individuals. These medals have been given out nationally to people who have made positive contributions to their communities. The men and women being honoured have contributed in diverse ways — through writing, art, sport, history, education, and community leadership. The work they have done and the admirable people they are have enriched our province of New Brunswick."

Among the 12 recipients are 5 writers, listed below:

  • Nancy Bauer - A novelist, editor, publisher and columnist; a champion of Maritime literature and arts for over 50 years.
  • Herb Curtis - Songwriter and novelist who wrote the famed Miramichi Trilogy.
  • Wayne Curtis - Novelist, non-fiction writer, essayist; Order of New Brunswick recipient.
  • Ray Fraser - Novelist, biographer, poet and short story writer; Order of New Brunswick recipient.
  • Bob Gibbs - Retired professor, former editor of The Fiddlehead magazine and poet.

Also honoured was painter David McKay. whose artwork has been featured on the cover of issues No. 236 and 251.

The other receipuents are: 

  • Marion Arsenault - A widow, a vital member of her community at 97 and a Second World War veteran.
  • Jim Boyd - Sculptor and teacher from Hampton, New Brunswick.  A mentor to young artists.
  • Jack Carleton - Over 40 years as a brakeman and conductor for CN rail, dedicated to his family, self-educated in both national and international history.
  • Brian Carty (deceased) - Mentor and community leader, professor at Saint Thomas University.
  • Danielle Doris - Canada’s youngest Paralympic swimmer, record breaker and mentor to children with disability.
  • Graydon Nicholas - Order of New Brunswick recipient; first aboriginal person to receive a Law Degree in region, Provincial Court Judge, former Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick; endowed Chair of Native Studies, Saint Thomas University.
Recepients of 150th Senate Medals with Senator Richards. Photo by John Bauer

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