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Announcing the Winners of The Fiddlehead's 26th Annual Contest!

The Fiddlehead is pleased to announce the winners of our 26th Annual Literary Contest! Congratulations to our winners:

The Ralph Gustafson Prize for Best Poem: Dominique Bernier-Cormier's "Fabric"
Poetry Honourable Mentions: Tammy Armstrong's "Blessing the Boats" & Kim Trainor's "Bluegrass"

Short Fiction Prize: Kate Finegan's "Blues Too Bright"
Fiction Honourable Mentions: Steven Benstead's "Will There Be Clowns?" & Ann Cavlovic's "The Foundation"

We will be running interviews with the winners, starting next week. On April 10, we'll post editorial assistant Andrew Ramos's conversation with Kate Finegan, and on April 17, we'll post editorial assistant Jenna Albert's interview with Dominique Bernier-Cormier. And the winning poems and stories will be in our forthcoming Sping 2017 issue, arriving on newsstands and at subscribers' mailboxes a few weeks afterwards. Subscribe now — you don't want to miss this issue, which also includes a retrospective and new poems from 2016 Griffin Prize international winner Norman Dubie!

Thanks again to our judges Liz Howard, Richard Kelly Kemick, and Soraya Peerbye (Poetry), and Rabindranath Maharaj (Fiction).

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