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Books Received Recently

Here's a picture of the recent books received at the office. What are you most looking forward to reading this winter? Tell us! Go to the comment field below (or to Facebook or Twitter)!

Nelson Ball, Walking (Mansfield Press)
Sarah Tolmie, The Art of Dying (McGill-Queens University Press)
W.H. New, Neighbours (Oolichan Books)
Bonnie Burstow, The Other Mrs. Smith (Inanna Publications)
Branka Petrovic, Mechanics of a Gaze (Mansfield Press)
Aidan Chafe, Short Histories of Light (McGill-Queens University Press)
Edward Riche, Bag of Hammers (Breakwater)
Puneet Dutt, The Better Monsters (Mansfield Press)


Would love to see The Other Mrs. Smith reviewed or the author interviewed with you! Cheers, Amy

I had read an interesting review of the Other Mrs. Smith and found the subject fascinating. I am interested in hearing more about this one

Looking forward to “the other mrs smith”

I'm interested in the ways that institutions can cause trauma. Would love to see a review of this book.