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No. 139 (Spring 1984)


7      Carol Shields: Home
12    Invitation
15    The Journal
65    Brian Bartlett: From Fearful Children

33    Martine Jacquot: Louis Cormier

Out of Place
51    Peter Sanger: Biorachan Road

Atlantic Soundings
119  Randy Maggs: Newfoundland

19     Robert Harding: Mending Nureyev's Underwear
20     Steve Noyes: Janitors
23     David Beaver: Barbering
24     The Captive Audience
25     But Is It Art?
26     The New By-Law
27     Dead Man in the Barber's Chair
28     Milton Acorn: Four Sonnets from The Sonnets of Martin Dorion
31     The Whiskey Jack
40     Lesley Choyce: Far Girls on Horses
41     The Imaginary Potato
42     Aaron Bushkowsky: Prairie Perceptions
43     Eyes, Ears and Hart
44     Hillel Schwartz: Her Bath
46     Douglas Smith: Low Tide, Rathtrevor Beach
47     Greg Betts: Rum-Headed, Footloose, and Rainfall Fluent
47     6:30 Jazz
48     Ricardo Pau-Llosa: The Island of Mirrors
49     Exile
56     Dino Felluga: Day at the Fair
57     Thames Beautification Project
58     Walter MacDonald: High Plains Fences
59     In Times of Fever
60     Lorne Simon: The Passion of the Runner
61     Joshua Bendah: Black, Burning
62     The Thunder, Flashing
63     Anxious Journey

89     Jon Kertzer: Old Wild Ambiguity
         Something Still to Find, Douglas Le Pan
         A Throw of Particles, D.G. Jones
93     Alan R. Young: Problems of a Bildungsroman Author
         Head of the Harbour, Mark Gordon
95     Richard Paul Knowles: Ringwood Collected
         The Collected Plays of Gwen Pharis Ringwood, ed. Enid Delgatty Rutland
97     Ian Gaskell: Life on Stage
         Black Powder, Rex Deverell
         Cold Comfort, Jim Gerrard
         The Fairies are Thirsty, Denise Boucher
         Thimblerig, Alf Silver
101   Bruce Greenfield: The Story of a Quest
         Needle to the North, Arthur C. Twomey; ed. William C. James
105   Anthony Brennan: Sifting Out Nuggets of Gold
Making It New, ed. John Metcalf
         Best Canadian Short Stories 82, John Metcalf and Leon Rooke, eds. 
         Third Impression, ed. John Metcalf
110    Louis K. MacKendrick: History, His Story
          Quantrill, William Goede
          Antichthon, Chris Scott
114    Michael Thorpe: Explorations
          The Overlanders, Florence McNeil
          Stonefish, and Other Poems, Kevin Roberts
          Greendream, Joseph McLeod
          The Moon of Hunger, Ian McCulloch
          Black Tongue, Antonio D'Alfonso
116    Harold Barratt: Quality Fiction from Three Women Writers
          Summer at Lonely Beach, and Other Stories, Miriam Waddington
          From a High Thin Wire, Joan Clark
          Calling Home, Merna Summers

6        David Sheskin: Mountain Climber
18      Class of '83
50      David Cairns: Drawings
83      Drawings

Notes on Contributors
12   Notes on Contributors

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