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No. 142 (Winter 1984)


7       Steve Walker: Arthur Sturmwold
23     Barry MacLeod: Bootstraps
59     Lucy Honig: Love Mom and Dad    
63     Heather Pyrcz: In Winter

Out of Place
John Steffler: The Grey Islands

6       Steve Walker: A Madman Killed Our Families
10     Lorna Crozier: Rain
11     Mid-February
12     Stepping Stone
13     Jacqueline Moore: Flying A White Plastic Bag
14     Growing
15     Roger Finch: The Maydenhead Of The First Musicke
16     Mural (Mid 20th Century): Seven Friends
17     Lee Meitzen Grue: Nijinsky: The Paris Tour
19     Romola Pulsky: Who Became His Wife
22     Nijinsky, His Final Performance
29     Diana Brebner: If Our Essential Quality Is Depravity
29     When I Hear That You Beat Your Children
30     Dennis Cooley: Blacksmith Shop
32     Michael Pacey: Epistles From Temperance Vale
33     The Old Neighbourhood
34     Lewis Horne: A Man With Lettuce
35     Renewal
36     Tony Sanders: The Fire and the Reading Lamp
37     Immigrants Eloquence
38     Lyn King: This Month
39     Here
40     Michael Wilson: Confusing Fall
41     Winter Residents
42     John Dolan: Nuclear Dreams, Paper Promises
43     Santa Claus
44     Brian Wickers: Just Kidding
45     Magic Incarnate
46     David Etheridge: A Portion of an Interview with Edna O'Brien
48     Ida Caldwell
50     Fred Cogswell: A Fantasy
51     Potato-picker's Morning
69     Raymond Souster: For Aldan Nowlan, Poet
70     Impressions From Mr. Colville's Picture Gallery
70     High Divers
70     Dog and Bridge
71     Seven Crows
71     Night Walk
71     Refrigerator
76     Carolyn Smart: Driving Home
77     Reverie
78     Judith Harway: Pysansky
80     Two Riddles
82     Nathan Cervo: To Hart Crane
84     David Winwood: Obligations
85     Nuzzling
86     Larynx
87     Pat Jasper: Child's Play
88     Temporary Barracks
89     Surrogate Father
90     Thelma Poirier: A Fence

93    Michael Taylor: The Ivory Swing, Janette Turner Hospital
        The Tiger in the Tiger Pit, Janette Turner Hospital
96    M. Travis Lane: Self-Conscious Art
        How Hug a Stone, Daphne Marlatt
        Montage for an Interstellar Cry, Andrew Suknaski
        The Mossbank Canon, E. F. Dyck
        Trap Lines, Geoffrey Ursell

5      T.K. Splake: Photo: The Lighthouse
52    David Cairns: Drawing
72    David Skeskin: Drawing: Holy Reunion

102   Contributors

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