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No. 143 (Spring 1985)


5       Michael Laser: Poor
21     Cyril Dabydeen: The Rink
41     Philip Kreiner: Contact Prints
64     Wayne Johnston: Gabriel
75     David Waltner-Toews: The End-Times

11     Hilary Thompson: The Green-Topped Wall
12     Conversation in an Elevator
14     Leigh Faulkner: The Marsh, Bass River
15     Sheree Fitch: Indecision
16     James E. Candow: Nouveau Rich
17     Magic
18     Jeff Worley: Ice
28     Douglas Lochhead: So Close
29     A Loud Place
30     Brian Wickers: Kite Flying
31     Diane Glancy: Shadow of the Man
32     Requiem for a Child
33     Allan Cooper: Brown Bats
34     Genni Gunn: A Matter of Genes
36     Tell Me Lies
37     Susan Solomont: Poem
38     Brick Church
39     Hook
53     Stan Long: Poem
59     Harry Thurston: So Far Out of the World
60     The Younger
62     Light Enters Your Art

Out of Place
Allan Cooper: The Energies of Fall

84    Richard Paul Knowles: Life on the Line, Steven Bush and Allan Booth
        What is to be Done? Mavis Gallant
        Saga of the Wet Hens, Jovette Marchessault, trans. Linda Gaboriau
        White Biting Dog, Judith Thompson
        Second Stage, The Alternative Theatre, Movement in Canada, Renate Usmiani
        The Work: Conversations with English Canadian Playwrights, Robert Wallace and Cynthia Zimmerman
        Gramsci x 3, Wilfred Watson
88    Louis K. MacKendrick: The Trouble with Heroes, Guy Vanderhague
        Paradise Siding, Allan Donaldson
91    Carrie MacMillan: Canada Home, ed. M.H. BLoom and T.E. Bloom
        Paradise Siding, Allan Donaldson
93    Liliane Welch: Open to Experience
        Selected Poems, Fred Cogswell
        Pearls, Fred Cogswell
        The Complete Poems of Emile Nelligan, ed. Fred Cogswell
99    Michael Thorpe: Alibi, Robert Kroetsch
102  Allison Mitcham: People Like Us In a Place Like This, Phillip Kreiner
105  Eric Trethewey: Syntax of Ferment, Lilian Welch
        Assailing Beats, Lilian Welch
        October Winds, Lilian Welch
        Brush and Trunks, Lilian Welch
        From The Songs of the Artisans, Lilian Welch

10, 40    David Sheskin: Drawings
20, 29, 74    Christine Whitlock: Drawings

110   Contributors

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