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No. 146 (Winter 1985)


7       Diane Schoemperlen: Tickets to Spain
43     N.P. Ricci: Still Life
63     Roman Stastny: You and I and the Others

22     Zoë Green: After Reading 'Djuana' by Andrew Field
24     The Red Shoes
28     Voices to the Moon
30     Carl Leggo: I Do Not Find It Easy To Be A Human Being
32     For Lucifer
33     For God the Father
34     Wanda McNally: Untitled
35     For Heather
36     India
37     Mark Henderson: The Last Spike
38     Rails
39     The Covered Bridge
40     Garold Murray: The Charm
41     The Knavery of Hearts
52     R. Steven Laird: A Carpenter's Marriage
66     Elliott Clarke: How Exile Melts to a Hundred Roses
68     In Struggle! En Lutte!
69     Susan Rudy Dorscht: Raking
70     Displays
71     Where We Will Always Drive Back to but Will Never Live Again
73     Kurt Skov-Nielson: Your Dad on a Harley
73     Adam on Nod
74     Three Crows
76     David Creelman: Two Songs from Ten Lepers
77     Mitch Ritter: A Range
77     Jamie Dopp: On Learning of a Professor's Death, Aged 42
80     Kevin Yerxa: Watching Marjory
81     Where Silver Birds Sing

Out of Place
Karen Braun: One Side of the River

87    Michael Thorpe: Oberon Offerings: 1984
        Summer Island, Phil Murphy
        Fury, David Watmough
        Paula Lake, George McWhirter
        Heartlands, Philip Kreiner
        The Father, F.G. Paci
        The Master of Strappado, Négovan Rajic
90    Anne Blott: Journey to Light
        Interlunar, Margaret Atwood
95    Janice Kulyk Keefer: Wonderbread, Schmaltz and Food for Throught
        Baker's Dozen: Stories by Women, ed. The Fictive Collective
        Blood Ties, Robin Mathews
        The Mikveh Man, Sharon Drache
100  Ann Munton: Strong Maritime Poetry
        The America Reel, Peter Sanger
        East Living, Lesley Choyce
        The M Poems, Elizabeth Gourlay
        The Panic Field, Douglas Lochhead
        Saltwater Spirituals and Deeper Blues, George Elliott Clarke
106  M. Travis Lane: "I and my Creature": Three Versions of the Human
        The Animals Within, David Day
        Piling Blood, Al Purdy
        From the Bedside Book of Nightmares
, Suniti Namjoshi
114  Anthony S. Brennan: Tales from Oberon
        84: Best Canadian Stories, ed. David Helwig and Sandra Martin
        Swim For Your Life, Don Bailey
        Earthen Vessels, Ann Copeland
        Tender Only to One, Richard Taylor
        Real Places and Imaginary Men, Barry Dempster
        Moon Country, Denys Chabot
        Ice Diaries: An Antarctic Memoir, Jean McNeil
122  Jon Kertzer: Canadian Fables
        The Man Who Sang in His Sleep, Robin Skelton
        Perdueor How the West Was Lost, Geoffrey Ursell
        More Saskatchewan Gold, Geoffrey Ursell

42    Rick Burns: Blind Image #2
75    Blind Image #6

126   Contributors

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