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No. 147 (Spring 1986)


Out of Place
5      Shayne Morrow: Seattle

23     Ray Cosseboom: Slim
25     Donna
26     Rita Donovan: Boy
39     Justin Lewis: February
59     Ruth Krahn: Justina and Seymour
85     Kenneth Fraser: Discovering Jazz

9       David L. Benson: The Faroe Islands
10     John V. Hicks: Your Name So Nearly
11     Robert Foster: Finally
12     Carole Chambers: Convictus Et Combustus
13     Lewis Homes: The Space Between
14     For A Nephew...
15     Cynthia Badendyck: November: It Is Cold
17     A Meditation...
19     Tessa Ransford: Epistle...
29     Joan Harmon: Stone Children
30     When Don Messer Came to Town
31     The Youngest
32     John Ditsky: Mitre Boxes
33     Robert Cooperman: Or I'll Call Your Father
34     Frank Kraft: Winter Garden: A Legacy
35     William Robertson: Praising Hands
36     News Of A Friend's Death
37     Alison Reed: Root Searchers
38     At The Bedside
44     Gary Geddes: Not Out Of The Woods Yet
48     Karen Connelly: Artistry
49     I Know All This
50     Eva Touster: Shoplifting...
51     Mr. Williams
52     One Father To Another
53     Alfred Bailey: Kingdom of Saguenay
55     Patricia Young: Everyone Agreed
56     Volvo
67     Elizabeth Brewster: Essay of Comparison
70     Vivian Marple: Trading Pictures For Stories
75     Nicholas Mason-Browne: A Climber's Descent
76     Motionless Hour
77     Judith Harway: The Storm
79     Harold Rhenisch: A Prayer For Your Birth
82     Above Chopaka

91    Don Precosky: Lives of the Poets
        Poems New and Selected, Frederick Candelaria
        Collected Poems, Miriam Mandel
        Jubilee of Death, Raymond Souster
        Life Cycle, George Whipple
94    M. Travis Lane: The Brain is Something Else
        Celestial Navigations, Paulette Jiles
98    Marianne Micros: The Miracle of Everyday Life
        Raspberry Vinegar, Joan Fern Shaw
        Fables of Brunswick Avenue, Katherine Govier
        The Tattooed Woman, Marian Engel
        Various Miracles, Carol Shields
101  Allison Mitcham: Inventing Her Own Program
        Wise-Ears, Nancy Bauer
104  Margaret Harry: Paradox Progress
        Selected Poems of Elizabeth Brewster 1944-1977, Elizabeth Brewster
        Selected Poems of Elizabeth Brewster 1977-1984, Elizabeth Brewster
107  H.W. Connor: A Controlled Poetric Naturalism
        Road to the Stilt House, David Adams Richards

24, 58, 84     Brigid Toole Grant: Ink Gesture Drawings

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