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No. 151 (Spring 1987)


7      Christina Sabat: Bruno Bobak: Portrait of an Artist

4       Bruno Bobak: The Embrace, woodcut
6       Self-Portrait, woodcut
8       Young Lovers, etching
9       Lovers, etching
10     Spring, etching
11     Two nudes, etching
13     Cyclamen, wood engraving
22     Nude, oil on vancas, 6'' x 12''
36     Kent's Punch, oil on canvas, 40'' x 48''
48     Beach Form, wood engraving
63     Porcupine, woodcut
69     Oak Bay, woodcut
72     Crouching Nude, oil on canvas5'' x 8''
86     Bobak at Play, cartoons
96     Dry Leaves, wood engraving

5      Robert Gibbs: For a Sketch of Lovers by Bruno Bobak
14    W.O.R. Kearley: Delirium Tea
16    Jill Newman Solnicki: The Crossing
17    Bruce Iserman: The Green House on Spruce
18    Lorelei Austen: In Your House
19    Scene 1
20    The Occasion
21    Mark McCawley:Tapestry
26    Carl Leggo: Dispelling the Dog Day
29    Innocence
31    Leonard Koza: In the Womb
32    Charles Lillard: Iskut
33    Canyon City
34    Nathan Cervo: A Visit
44    Hillel Schwartz: Burning of Bees
46    Kenneth Radu: Treading Water
56    Joan Harmon: The Walk to Westfield
57    The Long Game
58    Afterthought
59    Her Beauty
60    David Manicom: Anchor Post
62    December Evening, Montreal
64    Fritz Hamilton: The Changes!
65    Next Life
66    Day of Life at Crocker
67    Servants
68    When Fired from Crocker Bank
70    Rai Berzins: Quiz
71    The Guy Who Defied Gravity
79    Cathi Grandfield: The Harbour
        A Sudden Flash
80    John O'Neill: The River's Window
81    Theology at Robson Bite
82    Storm Warning
83    Still Life, Taylor River
88    Robert M. Chute: The Morse River in May
89    Mark of the Beast
90    A Wedding Gift
91    Kurt Skov-Nielson: Amnesty
92    The Breakfast Club
93    Ghosts
94    from In Search of the Emerald City

     Leon Rooke: A Story for Constance
49     Julie Houghton Keith: Falling
73     Scott Mackay: On that Night
84     Bruce Eason: The Appalachian Trail
85     Meeting You

Out of Place
37     Strays    

Atlantic Soundings Checklist
97     Eric Swanick

107   Diana Austin: The Country of the Human Heart
         Goodbye Harold, Good Luck, Audrey Thomas
110   M. Travis Lane: Ministries of Grace
         A Sacrifice of Fire: Expeditions into the Interior, Gregory Grace
115   Michael Thorpe: Structures of Meditation
         Meditations: 50 Sestinas, Fred Cogswell
         Midnight Found You Dancing, John Smith
120   Allison Mitcham: Acadians in English
         Mariaagelas, Maria Daughter of Gelas
         Antonine Maillet, trans. Ben-Z Shek

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