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No. 152 (Summer 1987)


5       Beth Harvor: To Supper in the Morning and Bed at Noon
31     Stewart Moore: Flight 210
54     Jan Thornhill: St. Francis and the Birds
84     George Little: Sophie's Song

20    Mark Henderson: The Hardware Store
21    Sunday Afternoon I
21    Sunday Afternoon II
22    Sunday Afternoon III
23    The Wad of Bills
24     Dorothy Roberts: A Home on Needham Street
26     Suzanne Owens: Mites VS. Pee Wees
28     Robert Burt: from The Boys of Summer
39     Ken J. Harvey: The Magic of Belief or The Birth of Cubism
40     Dayv James-French: Sourdough
41     Cats
42     Kirk Wirsig: Naomi, Could You Be the Milk Maid Come? 
43     Lilly Teases Licitly
43     Carol is the Body Bow
44     When the Dogs Come Home
45     An Apology to Pigs and Fishes
46     Allan Cooper: The Bee Leaves the Deep Flower Reluctantly
48     Don Lineham: Sidney
49     Frog Lake July '84
52     Robert R. Ward: Notes Conderning the Ontogeny of Flight
53     Concerning the Birth of Language
62     Hugh Nelson: Pictures of Fine Doctors
64     Accomodations
65     Last Words
69     Robert Cooperman: Claudia's Sparrows
70     Oliver Lovesey: Mine Talk
77     Naomi Spigle: Joel, My Cousin
79     The Bed
80     Michael Pacey: Garden
81     The Quarrel
82     Kent County Orchestra

Fiddlehead Interview
72    Martine Jacquot: An Interview with Jeannine Landry-Theriault

89   Harold Barratt: A Somali Voice in Cold Canada
       The Bottle and the Bushman: Poems of the Prodigal Son, Mohamud S. Togane
91   A.C. Morrell: Images of Motherhood
       The Paris-Napoli Express, Janice Kulyk Keefer
95   Theresia Quigley: Two Quebec Novels in Translation
       Standing Flight, Gilles Archambault, transl. David Lobdell
       The Legacy, Claire Martin, transl. David Lobdell
98   Alan R. Young: Passions and Ironies
        A Model Lover, H.R. Percy
100  Rita Donovan: Meddling with Time
        Landslides: Selected Poems
        1975-1985, Don Coles

19   Brigid Toole-Grant: Ink Gesture Drawing
30   Ink Gesture Drawing
51   Toby Graser: Oriental Etude #8  Acrylic & Mixed Media
68   Oriental Etude #4  Acrylic & Mixed Media
83   Oriental Etude #3  Acrylic & Mixed Media

105  Notes on Contributors

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