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No. 153 (Autumn 1987)


5       Keith Harrison: Rain in the Laurentians
20     Eugene McNamara: Ordinary Time
41     Walter Caniparoli: Down and out in Toronto and Buffalo
62     K.A. Winter: The Jolly Trolley
69     John MacEwan: The Making of the Weapon
83     Steve Noyes: Them That Sleep

10     John Glenday: The Apple Ghost
11     Kay Smith: Dream the Child Again
15     When God is Silent
16     Tom Wayman: Kootenay Green
17     There Is a Love With a Wound
18     What the Cat Sees
19     The Tunnel
27     Randy Campbell: from Crossing the Barrens
32     Mark Sanders: Heritage
33     The Moments
35     David Winwood: Wartime 1
         Wartime 2
48     Walter McDonald: Torching Grandfather's Weed Fields
49     The Digs in Escondido Canyon
50     Steven Heighton: Entropy
57     Wm. Meyer: Anne Bradstreet: Boxing with Beelzebub
58     Misunderstood Rain
59     Arriving
60     Jay Treiber: Aunt Minerva's Pasture
67     John P. Zanes: Olive Branch on a Whiskey Keg
75     Joan Crate Taylor: Boarding School
76     I Am a Prophet
78     Fred Johnston: Not Another Belfast Poem
80     Portavogie

Out of Place
37    Medina Stacey: Nowhere Special

88   M. Travis Lane: Tiger Poems
        Changes of State, Gary Geddes. Tiger in the SkullNew and Selected Poems, Douglas Lochhead. Collected Poems, Miriam Waddington
91   John Mills: Stories Vivid, Unpleasant- and Memorable
        86 Best Canadian Stories, ed. David Helwig and Sandra Martin. Small Regrets, David Margoshes. Black Swan, Gertrude Story
95    Fred Cogswell: Poetic Humanism from Britain
        A Flame in Your Heart, Kathleen Jamie and Andrew Greig
100  Jon Kertzer: Against the Reasoning Mind
        In the Village of Alias, Fraser Sutherland. Vibrations in Time, David Watmough
102  Theresia Quigley: A Crowded Eden
        Spring Tides, Jacques Poulin, trsl. Sheila Fischman
103  Elizabeth Brady: Airing Canlit Chestnuts
        After the Fact, Helene Holden

15     Rick Burns: Blind Image No. 1, Carbon Drawing
26     Blind Image No. 3, Carbon Drawing
68     Blind Image No. 5, Carbon Drawing
36     Susan Aikins: Egret Tree, Etching
52     Great Blue Fishing, Etching
82     Loon, Woodblock Print

107    Notes on Contributors

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