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No. 157 (Autumn 1988)


5        S. Kerslake: Scotoma 
34      Norene Smiley: Very Short Stories
37      Cyril Dabydeen: Canary Joe
57      Bonnie Laing: The Zulu Warrior
77      David Etheridge: Little Victories

12      Karen Connelly: Annie's Boy
14      What You're Looking For
16      The Construction Worker
17      The Secret
18      The Addiction
19      The Overdose
20      Conjuring Life
23      Joanne Weber: Karensgaard
26      Pieta
29      Uzo Esonwanne: Shows of Force
32      Michael Estok: Epilogue: Deer in The Garden
44      Robert Hilles: Play of The Eyes
46      Crossing A Small Bridge
47      Elizabeth Brewster: Each Journal an I-Land
50      Maureen Harris: There Are Angels
51      Unicorn
52      Toni Sammons: Face and Hands: Modigliani in The Morning
54      Lora Berg: New Islands
56      Archaeopteryx
65      Ramona Dearing: The Swan Leaving Leda 
71      Laurie Block: The Wash
72      John Steffler: Not Yet Landed
73      They Will Hound You Yet Through Seas And Island Cities
74      Alan R. Wilson: Song of The Magi
76      Robert Cooperman: Linnett Sparks Is Newly Widowed
88      Fritz Hamilton: & Again!
90      Hispanic Lovers
92      Pascal Dennis: Those Days
93      Karate Days
95      K.L. Davidson: It Was As Easy
95      Wife

Review Articles
97     Margaret Harry: Missing So Much and So Much?
         The Fat Woman Measures Up, C.M. Donald
         The Bright Particulars: Poems Selected and New, Kay Smith
100    Robert Dole: The Anglecization of a Quebec Poet
          Body of Night, Gilbert Langevin
102    Rita Donovan: A Train's Violent Anapest: Al Purdy and Others
          The Collected Poems of Al Purdy, Al Purdy
          The Slidingback Hills, Peter Trower
          Backing Into Heaven, Steve Noyes
108    Harold Barratt: The Driven Dunnes of Newfoundland
          The Time of Their Lives, Wayne Johnston
114     Raymond E. Jones: Metafictional Mysteries
           Swann: A Mystery, Carol Shields

Anne Dunn
Georgia with sunflower, oil on canvas, 45 x 64
Interior, oil on canvas, 57 1/2 x 45
Still Life, oil on canvas, 26 x 36
Manhattan, ink on paper, 18 1/2 x 29 in. 
22, 36, 65, 96


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