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No. 166 (Winter 1990)


19      J.J. Steinfeld: The Old Man's Love
34     Mary Soderstrom: The Way She Died
51     Kenneth Rady: The Truth-Teller
72     John Timmins: Red Bread
73     Fred Bonnie: The Chains of Command
88     Allan Barr: The Way Things Are Now
102   Patricia Nowland: Tom

5       M. Travis Lane: Hills
13     T. Berto: At the Bird Sanctuary 2
16     Walter McDonald: Wildcatting on Hardscrabble
17     Bubba's Rattlesnake Chili
18     Settling the Plains
26     Saniel J. Sundahl: V. the variations in us
28     VI. like Silenus on an antique vase
30     VIII. The Meeting with Nicodermus
32     X. to Tirzah, mother of my mortal part
41     Kristopher Saknussem: Harem Scarem
42     Don't Get a Gun, Get a Big Dog
43     Sky Class
44     Russell Smith: First Portage
46     Fred Johnston: Walking Wounded
47     Joaquin's House
48     Eric Hill: Carefully
49     The Kiss
50     Width Out
59     Kathleen Wall: In This Wind
60     The Metaphysics of Divorce
63     Wm. Meyer: Blind Bach Visits the Dumb school
64     Black Bach on the Dolphins
66     The Bells in the Harbour
67     Visiting the Muellers
68     The Deserted Farmhouse
69     Prayer for the Palestinians
70     The Beaumont Prostitue
71     The Ghost With Hair
83     Lake Sagaris: Let Our Children
84     Santiago Zoo
86     Lewis Horne: His Mother's Son
92     B.Z. Niditch: 1989
93     Winter Street, Boston
94     Shelley A. Leedahl: Walking With Logan
95     Hanging On
96     Somedays All I Want From Life . . .
97     Note To A Husband
98     Roger Moore: Bird-Brain
99     First World Ward
100   Rosemary Blake: Four Poems for Good Friday

Review Articles
106   H. William Connor: Potential -- From Two Sides
         Raise No Memorial, William C. McConnell
         One's Company, Gerald Lynch
109   Richard Paul Knowles: Dramatic Narratives
         A Nun's Diary, Ann Diamond
         Smiling Underwater, Margaret Hollingswoth
112   Lorna Drew: Reality, Fantasy and Post-Modernism
         Wormwood, Sean Virgo
         Snakebite, Ann Diamond
114   Theresia Quigley: Ghosts From The Old Country
         The Parcel From Children Street and Other Stories, Ludmilla Bereshko

116    Contributors

Leo B. LeBlanc
Horseman's Sugar Camp
oil, 8 x 10"

Wm. Meyer
Modern Wildflowers
ink drawing

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