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No. 171 (Spring 1992)


5        Editorial

7        Bryan Young: A Dark Night Writing Wilderness Winner!
34      John Steffler: from The Afterlife of George Cartwright Writing Wilderness Runner-Up!
59      Stephanie Halldorson: Wilderness Writing Wilderness Honourable Mention! 
72      Brent White: The Lake Writing Wilderness Honourable Mention!

22      Martin Murie: Walking Out of Wilderness Writing Wilderness Co-Winner!
28      Peri McQuay: On a Morning So Beautiful . . . Writing Wilderness Co-Winner!
50      Brigid Grant: Vegetables and Cats Over 85 lbs., Net Wt. Writing Wilderness Honourable Mention! 

16      James Aitchison: Awakening the Trees Writing Wilderness Winner! 
45      David C. Carpenter: Trout Stream Creed Writing Wilderness First Runner-Up! 
54      Cory Brown: from A Seasonal Quality Writing Wilderness Honourable Mention!
65      Brian Bartlett: Alexander Wilson and the Ivorybill Writing Wilderness Honourable Mention!
67      Tim Lilburn: Tree Monk Sings To The Wilderness Writing Wilderness Honourable Mention!
68      Heather Spears; Orcas Island, sentimental morning Writing Wilderness Honourable Mention! 
79      Diana Kiesners: The last ice age
80      Nicholas Rockel: Mandrake (Alruna)
81      Monty Reid: Calling the Owl
85      Tim Lilburn: Acedia
86      Sleeping On The Land
88      Jody Didier: Undressing The Moon
90      Sue Wheeler: Mid-August, Mid-Life
90      New Year's Day 1991
91      Kristin Steege-Spatz: Dead
92      Maureen Harris: Poem
93      No Escape for the Animal
94      Fred Candelaria: echoes from the range
95      Walter McDonald: Owls at Midnight
96      Tom Wayman: Assurance of Rivers
98      Vivan Marple: Planting Procedures
99      David Ayer: You Peacocks, You Guys
100    Pamela J. Fulton: On The Night Wind
101    In The Boboli Gardens
102    tristanne j. connolly: From the family album
104    (a sort of) duck kenning
105    Barry Butson: Stoneboats
106    Don Summerhayes: farm auction
107    Carl Leggo: Daisy Whiffen
108    Moose
110    Ken babstock: Camping at Glendalough
111    Trains
112    T. Berto: Mist Nets

Review Articles
114    Andy Patton: The Glow of the Array
          Technologies/Installations, Kim Maltman
128    John Donlan: Edge Work
          On the Ground, Robert Flanagan
130    Sue Schenk: Lessons in Difference
          Telling It: Women and Language Across Cultures, eds. Sky Lee, Lee Maracle, Daphne Marlatt, Betsy Warland
          Piece of My Heart: A Lesbian of Colour Anthology, ed. Makeda Silvera

137    Contributors

John Hooper
Pine and oil paint, 25" high

Reg Balch
Balsam fir killed by the "Ground Hog Storm" on the shore of Grand Manan

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