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No. 183 (Spring 1995)


5       Don McKay: Sporangia Eclectica

Out of Place
7       Brian Bartlett: Whittling Away: An Autobiographical Tribute to The Fiddlehead on its Fiftieth Birthday

21     Rick Maddocks: Nora's Theory of Relativity, 1st Prize, Fiction
32     Maria illion: Thanksgiving, Runner-Up
44     Rabindranath Maharaj: Bitches on all Sides
68     Julie Crawford: The Second Summer My Father . . .
82     Steven Heighton: Townsmen of a Stiller Town
115   J. M. Hull: Homarus Americanus

15     Anna Mioduchowska: If We Are to Believe, 1st Prize Poetry
17     Sue Wheeler: Pickling Beets, Anniversary of Oka, Runner-Up
18     Sue Wheeler: What We're Looking For
19     Rain Starts and Stops
40     Méira Cook: When you open a door in a street
40     Here in Venice
42     Russell Thornton: Larissa Baptism
43     Gypsy Woman 
56     Elisabeth Harvor: glassy archives of river
72     David and Steven Brundage: in the name of love
76     David Brundage: paris posts no notices
77     Lorna Crozier: The Wild Boys
79     The Bad Child
80     Picturing Christ
81     Santiago Zoo
101   Eric Miller: Song of the Vulgar Starling
104   Carmelita McGrath: Touring the Manor House
105   She  Will Remain Nameless
106   Sprouting House
107   Jennifer Footman: For John Torrington Resurrected from the Ice
109   Fall Colours
110   Anna Synenko: Architectural Secrets I
111   Architectural Secrets 4
113   Charles Gregory: Fish
114   Bread

Review Articles 
125   Dennison Berwick: At the Edge of the Clearcut
         Shadows in the Sun, Wade Davis
127   John Donlan: Bachelor Machines
         Phantom in the Ark: a collage Poem, Ludwig Zeller & A. F. Moritz
129   Bonnie Ryan-Fisher: Crossing Over
         Cerberus, Rai Berzins
133   David Rothenberg: Vision of Silence
         Enduring Dreams: An Exploration of Arctic Landscape, John Moss

136   Contributors

Susan Gillis 
100 ASA Kodak Colourprint film

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