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No. 185 (Fiddlehead Gold)


11      Robert Gibbs: Portents and Promises

The 1940s and 1950s 
19      Bliss Carman: Noons of Poppy
19      Alfred G. Bailey: The Lament of Montagnais
20      Lenore Pratt: The Loon
21      Dorothy Roberts: Turnpike
22      Alfred W. Purdy: Postscript
22      Alden Nowlan: All Down the Morning
23      Irving Layton: Two Songs for Sweet Voices 
24      D. G. Jones: John Marin
25      Milton Acorn: Inland Gull
26      Miriam Waddington: Elegy for John Sutherland
27      Felix Anselm: Cats
27      Lawrence P. Spingarn: The Beachcombers
28      Susan Vinton: Choice
30      Ralph Gustafson: Her Arm a Flame 
31      C. Frederick Boyle: End or Beginning
32      Milton Acorn: Pastoral

The 1960s
35      Fred Cogswell: Choosing a Printer
37      Kay Smith: Again with Music
37      M. Travis Lane: The Talisman
38      Gwendolyn MacEwen: Explodes, for Instance
39      Milton Acorn: On Saint Urbain Street
39      Alden Nowlan: First Impressions
40      Sanford Sternlicht: Pitt Street Grandmother
41      R. G. Everson: Birds in Winter
42      Michael Ondaatje: Description is a Bird
42      James Dougherty: Perils of an American
43      John Gill: there is a spark somewhere . . .
44      Alden Nowlan: Miracle at Indian River
50      Dorothy Fraser: Picking Blackberries
50      Elizabeth Brewster: In the Venus Restaurant
51      Alden Nowlan: Chance Encounter
52      Joy Kogawa: Woodtick

The 1970s
57      Kent Thompson: The Itch on the Body of Literature
60      Pat Lowther: The Chinese Greengrocers
61      Joyce Carol Oates: Violations
62      Eugene McNamara: Biography
63      rienzi crusz: immigrant
65      Alistair MacLeod: The Vastness of the Dark
86      Ralph Gustafson: The Morality of Rite Words . . . 
87      Alden Nowlan: Another Reunion
87      Robert Kroestch: Dogteam Race in Manitoba
88      E. J. Carson: Canoe Lake and All
89      Don McKay: Fridge Nocturne
90      Tom Wayman: Neil Watt's Poem
91      Margaret Atwood: Rape Fantasies
100    Douglas Glover: Horse
108    Pier Giorgio DiCicco: The Poem against City Hospital
109    David Waltner-Toews: A Sunny Day in Canada
119    David Romtvedt: While illegally putting garbage . . .
120    Bronwen Wallace: Great-Aunt
121    Catherine M. Buckaway: Saskatchewan Dusk
121    Theresa Kishkan: Mid-Winter
123    Bert Almon: What Takes Us Now
124    Erin Mouré: Hello

The 1980s
127    Peter Thomas: Keeping Authentic Voices Alive
129    William Bauer: The Man Who Wished to Grow Okra
129    Conversation with a Chevy
130    Lela Parlow: Photograph in the Attic
130    M. Travis Lane: Whine
132    David Adams Richards: La Roche
136    Allan Donaldson: Elegy for a Sergeant
147    Carol Shields: Home
153    Robert Gibbs: Summer Composition
154    Fred Cogswell: Sestina: To My Sister
156    Raymond Souster: For Alden Nowlan, Poet
157    Walter McDonald: Things We Didn't Tell Our Parents
158    Steven Laird: A Carpenter's Marriage
163    George Elliott Clarke: Cherrybrook Blues
164    Kirk Wirsig: Naomi, Could You Be the Milkmaid . . .
165    Robert R. Ward: Notes Concerning the Ontogeny of Flight
166    Fred Johnston: Not Another Belfast Poem
167    Nathan Cervo: The Way
168    Carl Leggo: Pirate's Treasure

The 1990s
173    Don McKay: Local Wilderness
175    Ann Copeland: Border Crossing 
187    R. B. Richards: black
188    Liliane Welch: Heresies
189    Derk Wynand: Aerial Photograph
189    Greg Hollingshead: Dancers
193    George Thaniel: Ah! 
193    The Ways of Nature
193    Anna Synenko: God slips through my fingers like water
194    Tim Lilburn: Tree Monk Sings to the Wilderness
195    Brian Bartlett: Diminished
196    Tim Bowling: Old Barns
197    John Steffler: For My Execution
198    Anne Simpson: The Day Elvis Rose from the Dead
201    Cellan Jay: Learning English
202    Don Domanski: Selections from Firedrake
206    Eric Ormsby: Rooster
207    Susan Downe: Upon My Death: Instructions
208    Kim Roberts: A Little Poem about Commitment
208    Carole Langille: Breakdown
209    Karen Connelly: Ephemeroptera
211    Joyce Marshall: Like All of Us
220    Lynn Coady: Batter My Heart 

233    Don McKay: Common Sense and Magic

233    Index
246    Permissions


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