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No. 194 (Winter 1997)


10       David Hull: Bony Fingers
37       Mike Barnes: After the Debate
60       Leona Theis: Hard Frost 
79       Judith Kalman: A Reason to Be

5         Christine Lowther: Mother
7         Lee Elliott: Two Poems
9         Yvonne Blomer: Two Ghazals
26       M.F. Tierney: While a Storm
28       Laurence Hutchman: Two Poems
32       Chad Norman: Where Men Sit
34       Jason Santerre: postard
35       David Cavanagh: Call It
43       Jeffery Statland: Hamburger Men
45       Lea Littlewolfe: influence
47       Claude Liman: Rendering the Pumpkin I. & II. 
51       Jacqueline Bell: Three Poems
56       Elizabeth MacKiernan: The Saint
71       Antony Di Nardo: So she's now taking a course in astronomy
72       Laurie Kruk: the children of her men
75       Bernice Friesen: Skate
76       Deborah Stiles: Two Poems
98       Maury Wrubleski: Two Poems
100     Shelley Darjnes: Ascension
102     Nicola Aimé: Two Poems
104     David Gravender: Two Poems

107     Carol Malyon: Consonance in Art: amid the folds of time and space.
           Folds, Fred Cogswell
109     Frances MacDonald: Whose Museum?
           The Glace Bay Miner's Museum, Sheldon Currie
113     Bill Bauer: "The Same old Al": Robert Gibbs Selects Alden Nowlan Columns
           White Madness, Alden Nowlan
114     J.G. Keogh: Falling for Pratt
           Pursuits Amateur and Academic: The Selected Prose of E.J. Pratt, Ed. Susan Gingell
123     Ross Leckie: For All the Impermanence
           In Cannon Cave, Carole Glasser Langille 

126     Contributors

Linda Bartlett
Incandescent light bulb with sandblasted text: just to see if you see what I see.
The image on the front cover is a detail of an installation of 25 sandblasted light bulbs suspended just below eye-level in a candy-red room (shown on back cover).
The text on the light bulb reads: My original intent is to hide it from you. Maybe if you don't see it won't be true. But I always end up revealing it. Just to see if you see what I see, but hoping you won't. Hoping you can't confirm it. 

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