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No. 195 (Spring 1998)


13       Faith Jones: Twelve Lectures and a Test
26       Frances MacDonald: Swifts
52       Karen Smythe: Dress Rehearsal
75       Timothy Taylor: Francisco's Watch

7         E. Alex Pierce: Shelter
8         Marlene Cookshaw: The Same Words Over and Over
10       Eric Miller: Aphrodite's Birds
11       Russell Thornton: The Vineyard
37       Thomas O'Grady: Two Poems
38       Deirdre Dwyer: Two Poems
41       Hamish Guthrie: Cat after Dark
42       Tanis MacDonald: Two Poems
44       Amber Hayward: Kolmanskop
45       Tony Steele: Guerrero Descending the Mountain
50       Brent MacLaine: Halitherses
60       Camille Martin: C-100 
62       Michael McCarthy: Dreamweaver
63       Catherine Moss: Tri-Fruit Marmalade
64       Miranda Pearson: Two Poems
67       Gabriele Guenther: Three Poems
72       Kathleen Nicastro: Death
94       Robert Moore: The Dead on their small Wheels
95       James Gurley: William Carlos Willams Vists Mesa Verde
98       Dominique Russell: The Aemon Poems
102     Jeanne Marie de Moissac: Open
104     M.V. Feehan: Two Poems

106     Norman Ravvin: Travelling Stories
           The Animals' Waltz, Cary Fagan
107     Richard Vaughan: (Not) talkin' bout my Generation
           Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada, Donald W. McLeod
110     E.J. Keogh: Falling for Pratt, continued
           Pursuits Amateur and Academic: The Selected Prose of E.J. Pratt, Ed. Susan Gingell
118     Gwyneth Hoyle: Paddling His Own Canoe
           Fire in the Bones, James Raffan
121     M. Travis Lane: Tenant of Solitude
           Unthinkable Tenderness, Selected Poems, Juan Gelman

125     Contributors

Linda Bartlett
Love Letters
Cedar table with twelve hinged glass lids, twelve drawers, and twenty-four legs 
12' l x 1' w x 4' h
The drawers contain collected letters and envelopes sealed in beeswax approximately 1/2" thick. Portions of the wax have been scraped away to reveal fragments of the letter text and red wax insignia.

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