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No. 196 (Summer 1998)


5        Ross Leckie: Editorial

7        "If everything really did begin as light"

9        Sue Sinclair: Three Poems
12      Brian Bartlett: Two Poems
14      A.F. Moritz: Five Poems
20      Annette Abma: Four Poems
23      Shane Rhodes: Five Poems
28      John Donlan: Three Poems
30      Jan Zwicky: Cashion Bridge
36      Tim Bowling: Two Poems

37      "Near the abandoned capital of summer"

39      M. Travis Lane: Two Poems
42      Bert Almon: Two Poems
46      David Manicom: Tal
50      Eric Ormsby: Seven Poems
56      Jeffery Donaldson: Above the River
60      Derk Wynand: Two Poems
62      Pain Not Bread: from Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei

65      "Squatters in paradise"

67      Christopher Patton: Two Poems
70      John Barton: Three Poems
76      Stephanie Bolster: Two Poems
78      Nancy Holmes: Three Poems
80      Olga Costopoulos: Four Poems
84      John Reibetanz: four Poems
90      Carol Langille: Three Poems
94      Roger Nash: Two Poems
96      Elizabeth Stevens: Two Poems

97      "Transcripts completely updated and tastefully landscaped"

99      Douglas Barbour: Five Poems
102    Jacqueline Hoekstra: Two Poems
104    Stan Rogal: Two Poems
108    John Kinsella: Two Poems
112    Tony Lopez: Always Read the Label
117    Sue Wheeler: Sediment
121    Lorna Crozier: Four Poems
126    bill bissett: life may  b  apokriful

129    "Something about loss made visible"

131    Eric Miller: Three Poems
134    Don McKay: Five Poems
138    John Streffler: Three Poems
142    Andrew Steeves: Portrait: Winter Marsh
143    Liliane Welch: Two Poems
144    Catherine Greenwood: Two Poems
146    Jane Spavold Tims: Two Poems
149    Genevieve Lehr: Three Poems
152    Helen Humphreys: The Anatomy of Trees
153    Deni Béchard: Four Poems

157    Robert Gibbs: A Voice from the Past for the Present
          Time Capsule: New and Selected Poems, Pat Lowther
162    John Reibetanz: The Poetry of Displacement
          The Older Graces, David Manicorn
166    Sue Sinclair: At the Touch of Iron
          Ironworks, Thaddeus Holownia and Peter Sanger
170    M. Travis Lane: Priming the Pump: How Do You Start A Poem?
          Beyond my Keeping, Elizabeth Phillips
          Low Water Slack, Tim Bowling
          A Random Gospel, David Helwig
          Exiles Among You, Kristjana Gunnars
175    Shane Rhodes: Come See Come See Come See
          Toward a Catalogue of Falling, Méira Cook
178    Ross Leckie: A Miscellany of Poetry
          Autobiography of Red, Anne Carson
          For a Modest God: New and Selected Poems, Eric Ornsby
          Flying Blind, Gary Geddes

183    Contributors

William Forrestall
Bricks and Flower
Egg tempera diptych
38 x 71 cm

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