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No. 202 (Winter 1999)


17       Susan Zettell: Night Watches
32       Tamas Dobozy: Following Fat Thursday, 2006
56       Ian Colford: Imagining Rosalee
79       Tony Steele: The Numbers of Joy

5         Anne Simpson: Preparing for Descent
6         Christopher A. Taylor: Two Poems
8         Jill MacLean: Gift of a Day
10       Bob Ashley: Three Poems
15       Bill Tinley: Words for a Lullaby
16       Catherine Graham: Black Kettles
25       Glen Sorestad: Two Poems
27       Robert Moore: This morning on the phone
28       Ellen McGinn: Blue Willow
30       Billie Livingston: The Conductor
31       Margaret Ormond: Tantramar
42       Lioba Happel: Two Poems
44       Carleton Wilson: Junction Sonnets
45       Christopher Patton: Three Poems 
49       Hillel Schwartz: Two Poems 
54       chèle thorsen: Two Poems
70       Sue MacLeod: This is the body, consoling itself
72       David Seymour: Two Poems
74       Treena Kortje: variations of Eve -- The First Time
75       Marianne Bluger: Two Poems
78       Karen Mulhallen: The Great Barrier Reef
85       Paul W. Harland: A Summer Song
86       Andrew Stubbs: estevan saskatchewan
89       Carol MacKay: A Week Before I Left, You Came Close
90       Dee Horne: Scaling Purdy
92       richard krueger: this hour of travel has lasted two
93       Shaun Leggett: Sundown

94       Lisa Alward: A sensual and grotesque fullness
           The White Bone, Barbara Gowdy
95       Sue Sinclair: Latent Heat: The Flame of Domesticity
           Latent Heat, Catherine Hunter
98       Brian Bartlett: Assuming the Shape of Hope
           How I Joined Humanity at Last, David Zieroth
103     Carol Malyon: We pay attention & are never the same again
           Influence of the Moon, Mark Borsky
           and a body to remember with, Carmen Rodriques
           How to Get There from Here, Michelle Berry
109     M. Travis Lane: The Pervasive Figure
           A Broken Bowl, Patrick Friesen 
           The Church Not Made With Hands, John Terpstra
           Minotaurs and Other Alphabets, Nicole Markotic
114     Kent Thompson: Shopping at the Window
           My PARIS, Gail Scott
115     Colleen Wagner: Family Politics
           Corker, Wendy Lill
117     Ross Leckie: Uncanny Affiliations
           The Bridge That Carries the Road, Lynn Davies
           The True Names of Birds, Susan Goyette

122     Notes on Contributors

Glenn Priestley
Erin, 1998.
15 x 11"
Oil on canvas


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