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No. 204 (Summer 2000)


5        Ross Leckie: Editorial
7        Al Purdy: Photograph, Poem
9        Laurence Hutchman: An Interview with Al Purdy
20      Robert Kroetsch: Reading Solecki Reading Purdy: A Digressive Review

"The mobile of the country is made from real parts"
27      Brian Bartlett: Four Poems from Talking to the Birds 
31      J.V. Mackowski: Two Poems
35      Don McKay: Four Poems
40      Michael deBeyer: Four Poems
44      Lynn Davies: Four Poems from Composing Winter
48      Anne Simpson: Four Poems
52      Michael Crummey: Four Poems
56      Stephanie Bolster: Four Poems
60      Carole Langille: Three Poems
64      James Longenbach: Two Poems

"Home to the rushes at the river's edge"
69      Alison Pick: Leo's Lullaby
70      Christopher Weagle: Two Poems
72      Sue Wheeler: Four Poems
76      Patricia Young: Our Slovenly Ways
77      Aislinn Hunter: The Burning Ground
78      Betsy Struthers: Two Poems
80      Olga Costopoulos: Hand Poems
83      Steve McOrmond: Two Poems
85      Jay Ruzesky: Two Poems
87      Liliane Welch: Two Poems
89      Anne Compton: Three Poems

"A great house reduced to its form"
95      Carla Hartsfield: Two Poems
97      Roger Nash: Two Poems
99      Derk Wynand: Two Poems 
101    Shawna Lemay: Two Poems
104    Bert Almon: Two Poems
107    John Reibetanz: Two Poems
111    A.F. Moritz: Three Poems
115    John Donlon: Bushed
117    Allan Garshowitz: Three Poems

"I create the weather I imagine"
123     Thomas O'Grady: Three Poems
126     Craig Poile: Two Poems
130     Elise Partridge: Three Poems
134     Carmine Starnino: Three Poems
138     Eric Ormsby: Three Poems
142     David Solway: Three Poems
146     Norm Sibum: What Was Said to the Waitress about Davie
149     M. Travis Lane: Two Poems
152     David Manicom: Two Poems

"The whole house sleeps while waking"
157     Veronica Gaylie: Overloaf
158     Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen: Three Poems
161     Douglas Barbour: Four breath ghazals
165     Andy Weaver: Rembrandt in love
167     Barbara Colebrook Peace: Old Donkey, Scarborough Beach
168     Susan McCaslin: Chiasmus
169     Katy Ellis: The Wedding of Cecyl and Otter
170     Susan Stenson: Two Poems
172     Shane Rhodes: Clytaemnestra
175     Richard Lemm: Passed Into Spirit

"In the language of local economies"
181      Marlene Cookshaw: Four Poems
185      Eric Miller: Two Poems
189      Jan Zwicky: Four Poems
193      Adam Dickinson: Three Poems 
196      Tim Lilburn: A Gloss on To the River
200      matt robinson: Three Poems
203      James McCorkle: Three Poems
208      Karen Solie: Four Poems
212      John Barton: Frieze
214      Sue Sinclair: Two Poems

219      Robert Gibbs: Our Milton: Radical and Rooted
            Milton Acorn: In Love and Anger, Richard Lemm
222      David Creelman: Seeking Private Nowlan
            If I could turn and meet myself: The Life of Alden Nowlan, Patrick Toner
224      Sue Sinclair: Looking for Home: Books by Tim Lilburn
            To the River and
            Living in the World as if it Were Home, Tim Lilburn
227      Ken Babstock: Lift, Drag, Glide and Hover
            Another Gravity, Don McKay
231      Lynn Davies: Yearning for Drama
            A Woman Alone on the Atikokan Highway, Jeanette Lynes
234      A.F. Moritz: Here is elsewhere, elsewhere is here
            Song of the Vulgar Starling, Eric Miller
238      Margo Wheaton: Beneath the Body's Thin Surfaces
            Light Falls Through You, Anne Simpson
242      Sue Sinclair: In A Room the Colour of Flesh
            Under the Abdominal Wall, Sharon McCartney
245      Barbara Colebrook Peace: Astonishing Feats of Levitation
            Double Somersaults, Marlene Cookshaw
248      Lance Callahan: Poetry Neither Beheaded Nor Un-torsoed
            The Asparagus Feast, S.P. Zitner

251      Notes on Contributors

Freeman Patterson
House in Kolmanskop, southern Namibia
From Odyssey: Meditations and Thoughts for a Life's Journey


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