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No. 205 (Autumn 2000)


5        Joanna Goodman: Death & Taxes
43      Will Harvey: Rocketship
59      Lee Henderson: Attempts at a Great Relationship
93      Liam Durcan: Blood

13      matt robinson: new gravestone in winter
14      Richard Norman: Pastoral December
15      Joseph Hutchison: The Same Fire
16      Andrew Steeves: Two Poems
18      Gerard Donovan: Good Weather at Fastnet Lighthouse
19      Christopher Patton: Three Poems
32      Leanne McIntosh: Two Poems
35      Virgil Suarez: Two Poems
37      Degan Davis: Stradivarius Stolen from Dying Violinist
38      Suzanne Hancock: Vera
39      Rosana Roth: Footbridge in Wtiner
40      Elana Wolff: Two Poems
42      Nancy Lee: Careless
50      Carla Drysdale: Four Poems
52      Beverley Bie: Two Poems
54      Ryan G. Van Cleave: Remember When You Had Answers
55      Rawdon Tomlinson: Tattoo
56      Selwyn Pritchard: Recessional
57      Diane Reid: Two Poems
84      Kenneth Sherman: Two Poems
87      Robert Moore: world series
86      randy lundy: the only grace
88      JC Wilcke: boeuf
98      Howard Wright: Two Poems
100    Esther Mazakian: Father's Day
101    Sean Horlor: Lucid Dream: The Hot Night Wind...
102    Aislinn Hunter: Two Poems
106    Adam Sol: Song

Out of Place
25      Eric Miller: Fredericton and Fatherhood

107    Brian Bartlett: Among the Shades and the Clarities
          Rest on the Flight into Egypt, A. F. Moritz
112    E. Russell Smith: A Passionate Observer
          The Rock's Stillness, Liliane Welch
113    Lorna Drew: A Song of Sorrow, Not Despair
          No Great Mischief, Alistair MacLeod
115    Sue MacLeod: Removing the Shadows
          The Stone Cloak, Shari Andrews
119    Nancy Bauer: An Astonishing Thread of Commonality
          Words Out There: Women Poets in Atlantic Canada, ed. Jeannette Lynes
122    Lance Callahan: One of History's Most Forgotten Women
          In the Hands of a Living God, Lillian Bouzane
125    David Solway: Living in a House of Words
          A House of Words, Norman Ravvin

132    Notes on Contributors

Bruce Gray
Coffeetable, asymmetrical, trestle base (detail)
Fredericton white elm, pau ferro butterfly
18" h. x 23" w. x 60" l. 

Sculptured Rocker,
black cherry frame and seat, paw ferro spindles and rockerware plate


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