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No. 211 (Spring 2002)


5       Ross Leckie

Fiction Winner
14     Rosaria Campbell: Reaching
Honourable Mentions
43     Patricia Young: Pope of Rome
63     Lesley Millard: One Hundred Words for Pink

91     Simon Fanning: Paul

Ralph Gustafson Prize Winner
7       Chris Weagle: Bone Confessions
Honourable Mentions
8       Karen Solie: Science and the Single Girl
12     Aengus MacIntosh: On Islands

30     Kathy Mac: Mark I from Substitutions 
32     Erich Wolfgang Skwara: Two Poems
35     Barbara Simler: Christmas Eve
37     Robert Gibbs: A Requiem for Jim
40     Sarah Klassen: War in the interlake
42     Leanne McIntosh: Still Life with Rhinestones
57     Brad Buchanan: Picking Fruit
58     Barry Butson: Delightful as a Day in May
59     Maureen Bilerman: You Never See the Garden Die
60     John Degen: Two Poems
62     Tanis Macdonald: The Siren's Promise
80     Lisa Guenther: chipped, not broken
82     Zoë Landale: Cotoneaster Berries
84     Souvankham Thammavongsa: Portrait of a Palm Closing
85     Michael Aird: Vertigo
86     Stephen Pender: A problem of induction
88     Degan Davis: Calling
90     Dieter Weslowski: Trade Tricks
97     Mark Callanan: Road Home
98     M. E. Csamer: One Wing
99     Valerie Voon: On gardening
100   Dorothy Field: Desert Speak
101   Aurian Haller: IV from Five Oranges
102   Pablo Neruda: Motionless Season 

103   Margo Wheaton: Beautifully Sung
         Hymns to Phenomena, S.D. Johnson
105   Bill Bauer: Read, Pump and Glide
         Getting Out of Town By Book and Bike, Kent Thompson
109   M. Travis Lane: Oddly Beautiful Structures
         Tasting the Darkness: New and Selected Poems, George Amabile
113   Sandra Barry: A hum of Image, Language and Cadence
         Landmarks: An Anthology of New Atlantic Canadian Poetry of the Land, Hugh MacDonald and Brent MacLaine
116   Ian Colford: Seductive Worlds
         Entering the Landscape, Eric Henderson & Madeline Sonik
119   Kristel Thronell: The True Riddle of the Sphinx
         The Truth about Love, Patrick Roscoe

123   Notes on Contributors 

Marian Wells
The Message
Acrylic on canvas
30 in. x 36 in. 

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