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No. 220 (Summer 2004)


5         Sharon McCartney

9         Anne Simpson: Four Poems
14       Lynn Davies: Three Poems
18       Stephen Brockwell: Three Poems
21       Miltos Sahtouris: I Turn
22       Rosemary Blake: Windfall
23       J. Mark Smith: Fable of the Piyon
24       Calvin Wharton: The Bears
25       Brian Bartlett: Two Poems
29       S.E. Venart: Three Poems
32       warren heiti: the eight hypotheses: parmenides vs. herakleitos

39       Shane Rhodes: Calndula
41       Shane Neilson: Seven Poems
49       Anita Dolman: Blame
51       Paul Vermeersch: As it is with the beauty of rivers
53       Rosemary Clewes: Dawn Paddle
54       Aislinn Hunter: Summa Contra Gentiles: Chapter 31
55       Nicholas Bradley: The Rapture
56       Catherine Black: Three Poems
59       Diane Barlee: Two Poems
61       Kevin Bushell: Ciconia Alba
62       Sue Wheeler: The Uses of Flowers
64       Catherine Greenwood: Three Poems
70       Carolyn Norberg: Our Clothesline
71       Jill Connell: travels with carolyn

Another Version
75       Jan Zwicky: Four Poems
79       Steve McOrmond: Three Poems 
82       Adam Sol: Three Poems 
85       Donna Kane: Four Poems 
89       Christopher A. Taylor: Two Poems  
93       Elise Partridge: Four Poems  
98       Mike Barnes: A Bankruptcy 
99       Karen Hofman: Three Poems 
102     Ruth Roach Pierson: Two Poems 
104     Alan Soldofsky: Two Poems 
106     Dorothy Field: Two Poems

111     Ken Babstock: Four Poems 
117     Adam Dickinson: Five Poems 
123     Carmine Starnino: Junkyard  
125     Sue Sinclair: Four Poems 
129     Madeline Bassnett: Humidity 
131     Emilia Nielsen: Domestication: A Fable 
132     Eric Barstad: Two Poems 
134     Thomas O'Grady: Two Poems  
136     John Barton: Jon at Mirror 
138     bill bissett: we sleep not yet drowning  
140     M. Travis Lane: The Pickup Poems 
146     Robert Gibbs: Two Poems
149     M. Travis Lane: The "Night" Voices of Robert Gibbs    

152     J.A. Wainwright: Various Franklins
           Franklin's Passage, David Solway 
153     Sue Sinclair: Inhabiting the Questions: the Lyric Sensibility  
           Question & Answer, Alison Pick 
157     Ruth Roach Pierson: Constellations of Meaning
           Scarecrow, Mark Callanan
159     Patrick Holland: "Someone is about to write a poem": Deborah Eibel Collected   
163     M. Travis Lane: Summoning All That's There
           Loop, Anne Simpson
166     Leo Furey: Bridges of Metaphor
           Apocrypha: Further Journeys, Stan Dragland
168     Zachariah Wells: Weighed and Set in Place
           Rural Night Catalogue,  Michael deBeyer 
172     Notes on Contributors

Maggie McLaughlin
Oil on canvas, 36 x 40 inches.

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