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No. 221 (Autumn 2004)


5         Ross Leckie

7         Robert Gibbs: Fred Cogswell: A Listening Ear, A Caring Heart 
10       Fred Cogswell: Four Poems
15       Laurence Hutchman: For Fred Cogswell
17       Brian Bartlett: A Knight for Poetry
20       Robert Gibbs: Don Gammon: Mentor and Friend
21       Some "little untuned notes"
23       Donald B. Gammon: Three Poems 
24       Emily White: Various Metals
44       Robert Lake: Buster Never Cries
65       Eric Freeze: Writing on Stone
89       Carole Langille: Visiting Seymour

35       Melanie Jasmine Grant: Let's not talk of love or chains 
36       Ray Hsu: Two Poems
39       Peg Duthie: In Search of Restoration
40       John Lofranco: Kashwakamak
42       Helen Guri: The Beginning of Cuisine
54       Sue Chenette: Ritual
56       James Arthur: Two Poems
58       David Reibetanz: Four Poems
64       Erin Knight: Notes in Cyrillic
80       Mike Barnes: Two Poems
82       Steven Price: Houdini's Ropes
83       Sandy Shreve: Whisper Songs
87       gillian harding-russell: Even as i knew
88       Carol Was: Fossil Bowl
98       Margaret A. Robinson: Pears
99       Erin Noteboom: The Sparrow Child
100     Stan Dragland: Three Poems
105     Gerald Hill: One Morning in the Food Court
106     Bren Simmers: Two Poems

108     Lynn Davies: The Cartographer's Eye
           Cartography and Walking, Adam Dickinson
110     Patrick Warner: sterricky, garricky, wriggling fence
           Merrybegot, Mary Dalton.
113     Shane Neilson: Hefty Prose Innovation       
           A Game to Play on the Tracks, Lorna Jackson
115     Michelle Ariss: A Lively Polemic
           Director's Cut, David Solway
118     Dee Horne: A Searing Portrait of Communist China
           The Water Lily Pond: A Village Girl's Journey in Maoist China, Han Z. Li
120     Ross Leckie: Fine Printing: Broadsheets and Chapbooks
           Signal Editions International Broadside Series 
           (m)Other Tongue Press
           Running the Goat Books and Broadsides 
124     Notes on Contributors 

Bruno Bobak 
Fred Cogswell
Black conté drawing, 17" x 22"

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