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No. 223 (Spring 2005)


5         Ross Leckie 

20       Michle Adams: Infinite Speed 
28       Nikolijne Troubetzkoy: Stray Electricity 
55       Neil Smith: Bang Crunch   
72       Christopher Coffey: The Last Year of the War 
7         David Hickey: Channel Markers         
9         Michael E. Reynolds: Early Spring, Canoe Lake (1917) 
10       Walter Bruno: Cat Walk          
18       Jeanette Lynes: from The Journals of Beatrix Potter 
38       Jan Zwicky: Five Poems 
43       Jennifer Bronson: Two Poems          
45       Debra Franke: Hung Wedding Dress 
46       Susan Gillis: Three Poems 
49       Alexandre L. Amprimoz: Personality of Trains II 
50       Michael Trussler: Three Poems 
60       Ricardo Pau-Llosa: Ibises, Miami 
61       Lenora Steele: Two Poems         
63       Alice Major: Vastly out of scale 
64       Joshua Auerbach: Aerial View: Reading the River 
65       Cara Waterfall: Icarus 
66       Jean-Mark Sens: Two Poems 
68       Troy Jollimore: Two Poems 
70       Prairie Markussen: Strike against 
71       Carolyn Richardson: a fence, a barn 
77       Rachel Lebowitz: Six Poems 
83       Rebecca Laroche: In her ninth month, the Pregnant Woman ... 
84       Marilyn Lerch: Sun Flower 
85       Sam Cheuk: On formulating a Chinese-Canadian poem 
97       Nick Thran: Two Poems 
100     Linda Besner: Two Poems 
102     Hillel Schwartz: Two Poems

Out of Place 
86       Marjorie Doyle: The Mute Harp

107     Stewart Cole: Recollecting the Future 
           Night Street Repairs, A.F. Moritz
110     Shane Neilson: The Novella Necromancer and the Novel Memoirist 
           The Haunted Hillbilly, Derek McCormack
           The Syllabus, Mike Barnes
115     M. Travis Lane: Poetry for the Ear
           Left Field and The Aging Cheerleader, Jeanette Lynes       
117     Warren Heiti: Impressions of the West Wind
           What You Used to Wear, Charmaine Cadeau
120     Shane Neilson: A Persistent Piece of Prose
           Duet, David Helwig
123     Marc Thackray: Guarding What's Left
           The Singer's Broken Throat, Des Walsh
126     Notes on Contributors 

Roger Smith 
Unfurling Fiddlehead 
(Kodak Elite Chrome 100 slide film.
Pentax MX with 90mm Tamron macro lens)

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