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No. 226 (Winter 2006)


5      Mark Foss: "Off-season"
23    Jason Markowsky: Red Wine Is for Manna
40    Rebecca Fredrickson: Theatre in E Minor
59    Andrew Tibbetts: Thirteen Glimpses of My Mother Unaware of Being Watched
78    Carol Shaben: What You Want to Say
93    Carolyn Norberg: Somewhere in Ontario
97    M.A.C. Farrant: Divination: The Thorny Practice of Wants

12     Sheri Benning: Two Poems
15     Mitchell Parry: Five Poems
20     James Langer: Two Poems
22     Roxanna Bennett: Another Motive for Metaphor
31     Jeramy Dodds: Two Poems
33     John Barton: Our Embrace: Random tudes, 1 through 4
37     Suzanne Robertson: Signs 
48     Zo Landale: April Is a Cruel Season for Ghosts
49     Robin Chapman: The Eelgrass Meadow
50     Ian LeTourneau: Two Poems
52     Megan Kruse : Two Poems 
54     Treava Ann Kellington: Four Poems
58     Kezia Speirs: Old Song and Dance
70     Mike White: Two Poems
73     Elizabeth Brewster: Graveyard in October
75     David Zieroth: Three Poems
84     Ruth Roach Pierson: Four Poems
88     Dave Sidjak: Polis
89     Jason Guriel: Elegy for Josef Hassid, 1923-1950
90     Howard Wright: Two Poems
92     Leigh Kotsilidis: Artificial Reef

99     Warren Heiti: Politics and Specificity
          Immigrant Blues and From Sarajevo, With Sorrow, Goran Simi
103    M. Travis Lane: Prose or Poetry? 
          Postcards from Ex-Lovers, Jo-Anne Elder
106    Sharon McCartney: An undercurrent of loss 
          Drowning Lessons, Maureen Scott Harris
108    Warren Heiti: The Sexiest Small Press in Montral
          Barometer, Katia Grubii,
          The Electric Man, Johanna Skibsrud
110    Shane Neilson: Reaching for Al
          Yours, Al: The Collected Letters of Al Purdy, Ed. Sam Solecki
118    Michelle Ariss: Poetic Leverage
          A Day's Grace: Poems 1997-2002, Robyn Sarah
120    Ian LeTourneau: To the Form of the Matter
          In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form Poetry, edited by Kate Braid and Sandy Shreve

123   Notes on Contributors 

Mark Dixon
Red Pools
35 x 30 cm acrylic on canvas

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