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No. 236 (Summer 2008)


5      Tammy Armstrong: Editorial
7      Ross Leckie: Charles Wright in Canada

9       Charles Wright: Twenty-Two Poems
38     Jan Zwicky: Music and Silence: Seven Variations
45     Tim Bowling: Four Poems
53     Troy Jollimore: Three Poems

59     Marvin Bell: Five Poems
64     Karen Solie: Two Poems
67     Mark Callanan: Two Poems
69     Sheryda Warrener: Balcony
70     M. Travis Lane: Two Poems
73     Suzanne Nussey: Advice to City Dwellers
75     Patrick Warner: Three Poems

79     Maleea Acker: Two Poems
82     David Reibetanz: Three Poems
87     Andrew Sant: Two Poems
91     Barbara Pelman: Counterpoint and Pause
93     Brecken Rose Hancock: The Near Site
95     Mary Dalton: Waste Ground
100   Alison Pick: Two Poems

103   Geoffrey Lindsay: Two Poems
106   Eric Miller: Two Poems
108   John Barton: Two Poems
113   Triny Finlay: Four Poems
117   George McWhirter: Three Poems
124   Jane Munro: Two Poems
126   Ern Moure: Three Poems from Elisa Sampedrn's O Resplandor
130   Lynn Davies:  Three Poems

135   Anne Simpson: Clear
138   Sharon McCartney: Two Poems
140   Warren Heiti: Four Poems 
144   Jennica Harper: Two Poems 
147   Phil Hall: Three Poems 
150   Ken Babstock: Three Poems 
155   Jeramy Dodds: Four Poems

159   Bruce Meyer: The Fine Art of Adapting: The Poetry of M. Travis Lane

163   Katia Grubisic: All Aboard the Omnibus 
         I, Nadja, and Other Poems, Susan Elmslie, Nerve Squall, Sylvia Legris, Hot Poppies, Leon Rooke
167   M. Travis Lane: The Message of Keats' Urn 
         A Curious Beatitude, Sarah Klassen, Stones Call Out, Pamela Porter
172   Ruth Roach Pierson: Lessons in Darkness
         songs for the dancing chicken, emily schultz
174   Karen Schindler: Shane Neilson's Allotment of Canvas
         Exterminate My Heart, Shane Neilson
177   George Amabile: The Poem as Timepiece
         The Watchmaker's Table, Brian Bartlett

181   Notes on Contributors 

David McKay 
The Big Barn in June
Watercolour, 21 x 29 in.

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