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No. 252 (Summer 2012)


5      Ross Leckie: That Long, Last Summer

7      Eleanor Wilner Retrospective and New Poems

        Oblivion courting the fairest

33     Anne Compton: Four Poems
39     Charles Wright: Two Poems
41     David Reibetanz: Three Poems
44     Jeremy Spohr: Three Poems
49     Elena E. Johnson: Five Poems
54     Gary Allen: Three Poems
57     Maureen Hynes: Two Poems
59     Shoshanna Wingate: Three Poems

        The improbablities of a sacrifice too late to renounce

65     Patricia Young: Six Poems
71     Stephanie Yorke: Two Poems
73     Cassidy McFadzean: Two Poems
75     Orlando Ricardo Menes: Three Poems
78     John Barton: Two Poems
82     Jeffery Donaldson: Three Poems
87     Jeffrey Gustavson: Three Poems

        The More precisely we gauge the present the less we do the future

97     Daniel J. Langton: Two Poems
99     Craig Poile: Fertility
102    Jacqueline Bourque: Two Poems
104    Souvankham Thammavongsa: Dream
105    Roger Nash: Ode to a Stinging Jelly-fish (Portuguese Man-O-War)
106    Kyeren Regehr: Two Poems
108    Rhonda Douglas: Three Poems
113    Hollay Ghadery: Two Poems
115    Jesse Patrick Ferguson: Flâneur Takes Toronto
117    Matthew Tierney: Four Poems

          I can see now that I was once quite feral

127    Elizabeth Bachinsky: Four Poems
133    Rachel Lebowitz: Photograph, Dacca
134    Kenneth Sherman: Prague Zoo Flooded
135    Matt Schumacher: lost at sea
136    Michael Trussler: Two Poems
141    Shane Neilson: Three Poems
145    Rocco de Giacomo: Lucid
146    Rob Taylor: Two Poems
148    Esvie Coemish: Love Letter 28
149    Joanna Lilley: Stroke
150    Adam Dickinson: Four Poems

156    Sue Sinclair: Tales of Land and Sea
          Groundwork, Amanda Jernigan
158    George Amabile: Outside Ourselves
          Time's Covenant, Eric Ormsby
164    M. Travis Lane: "Word-bloom Traffic"
          Sharawadji, Brian Henderson
167    Rebecca Geleyn: Eve questions the artist
          Contrary, Ruth Roach Pierson
170    Mark Dickinson: Elegy and Celebration
          Paradoxides and The Shell of the Tortoise, Don McKay
174    Ruth Roach Pierson: Essential Reading
          The Essential Robert Gibbs, selected by Brian Bartlett
176    M. Travis Lane: The Fox Master
          Iwana, Kurahara Shinjirô

178    Notes on Contributors 

Christopher Harding
Kimono (Wave Caps)
Gouache and India Ink on Paper
15.5 x 15.5 in.

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