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No. 261 (Autumn 2014)


5         Ross Leckie: Remembering Alistair MacLeod
7         Mark Anthony Jarman: A Master in the Heart of Cork
8         Douglas Gibson: A Great Writer and a Great Man
10       D.R. MacDonald: Alistair MacLeod Tribute

12       Alistair MacLeod: The Vastness of the Dark
45       Matthew Leslie: Malarone Dreams
68       Richard Cumyn: The Household Gods
76       Charlie Fiset: Maggie's Farm

32       Stephanie Yorke: Two Poems
34       Brian Bartlett: Two Poems
38       Susan Buis: south window
39       Jocko Benoit: The Mutable Yardstick
40       Rocco de Giacomo: Three Poems
43       Michael Prior: Camera
44       Catherine Graham: The Pigeon Fancier
56       Roger Nash: Two Poems
58       John Wall Barger: Three Poems
61       Kerry-Lee Powell: Three Poems
65       Erin Noteboom & Seánan Forbes: Three Poems

100     Rebecca Geleyn: A spinning reel of metaphor
           Placeholder, Charmaine Cadeau
102     Michael Greenstein: Oblique Glockenspiel
           Complicity, Adam Sol
106     Mark Sampson: Archive Fever
           The Strangers' Gallery, Paul Bowdring
108     Susan Haley: A Poet's Eye
           In Antarctica An Amundson Pilgramage, Jay Ruzesky
110     M. Travis Lane: Album of Serenity
           Rain; road; an open boat, Roo Borson
113     Shane Neilson: Too many sonnets? Not enough critics
           The Exile's Papers, Part Three, Wayne Clifford

183     Notes on Contributors 

Rob Blanchard
Alistair MacLeod at UNB
Digital photograph