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No. 262 (Winter 2015)


6         Shane Neilson: The Beautiful Procedure
27       Margaret Sweatman: Foxglove
42       Erich Mulhall: Where We Will Be
74       Kris Bertin: A Man Might Work

90       Rachel Lebowitz: Tambora

21       Leonore Hildebrandt: Where You Happen to Be
25       Ron De Maris: The Disturbance
26       Jordan Mounteer: Jellyfish
35       Steve Lautermilch: Hummingbird
37       Tim Bowling: Three Poems
52       Kate Cayley: Two Poems
54       Kayla Geitzler: Three Poems
59       Bruce Bond: Two Poems
65       Amanda Jernigan: Four Poems
69       Norman Dubie: Two Poems
73       Jane Hodgkinson: The Surest Way for Attaining God Realization
85       Jeredith Merrin: Two Poems
87       Alexandra Gilbert: On Signal Hill
88       Sheri Benning: Two Poems

98       Ian Colford: Infinite in Their Variety
           Travel Light & Other Stories, Christopher A. Taylor
           Novelists: Stories, C.P. Boyko
           Strays: Stories, Ed Kavanagh
103     Susan Haley: Different Ways of Getting Out of Town
           The City Still Breathing, Matthew Heiti
106     M. Travis Lane: Secular Meditation
           Slow Sunday on the Malaspina Strait, Hannah Main-van der Kamp
109     Allison Lasorda: "What is a poem but a rental unit of language?"
           Rebuild, Sachiko Murakami
112     Karen Schindler: Literary Edens
           Songs That Remind Us Of Factories, Danny Jacobs
           The house is still standing, Adrienne Barrett

117     Notes on Contributors 

Glenn Hall
The Duster and Fire
Oil on Canvas
26 x 48 in.

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