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No. 276 (Summer 2018)

5       Ross Leckie: Summer 2018 Editorial
135   Elizabeth Effinger and Sue Sinclair: Introducing I or Us by The Erasing Frankenstein Collective


         Beneath the decades-yellowed cellophane

9       Liz Howard: Two Poems
13     Ali Blythe: Two Poems
19     John Reibetanz: Two Poems 
24     A.F. Moritz: Four Poems
28     John Barton: Three Poems
31     Catherine Seton: Two Poems
33     Anita Lahey (Poetry) & Pauline Conley (Artwork): Three Poems
43     Jan Conn: Three Poems
47     Alisha Dukelow: Three Poems
51     Shane Rhodes: Two Poems
54     Gwen Benaway: Cold

         Nous sommes au bout du monde, les taxis ne passent pas par là

63     Amanda Jernigan: Two Poems
69     Stephanie Bolster: Two Poems
72     Herménégilde Chiasson. Trans. Jo-Anne Elder: Five Poems
82     Rebecca Păpucaru: Two Poems
84     Janet Rogers: Two Poems
89     Stewart Cole: Two Poems
94     Paola Ferrante: Two Poems
99     Marc Di Saverio: Two Poems
101   Mariah Lynne Dear: Two Poems
104   Julie Mannell: Three Poems
109   Shane Neilson: Four Poems

         tânisi kichi-manito, wîcîhin mâti

119   Katie Fewster-Yan: Two Poems
122   Catriona Wright: Five Poems
129   Robin Richardson: Three Poems
132   Claudia Coutu Radmore: Two Poems
137   Erasing Frankenstein Collective: Eight Poems
145   Joshua Whitehead: Two Poems
151   Neil Surkan: Two Poems
154   Adam Sol: Two Poems
157   Mary Dalton: Two Poems
159   Peter Richardson: Two Poems
161   Danielle Hubbard: Three Poems
167   Kayla Czaga: Two Poems

171   Richard Kelly Kemick: “Hark, How the White Birch Quivers”
         Collected Poems of Alden Nowlan, ed. Brian Bartlett
176   Lynn Davies: As Young as Verbs
         Then / Again, Michelle Elrick
179   Emily Skov-Nielsen: Visionaries and Ghosts, Prayer, Myth, and Fancy
         Other Houses, Kate Cayley
181   Susan Haley: Having Something to Say
         Admission Requirements, Phoebe Wang
         dust or fire, Alyda Fisher
         3 Summers, Lisa Robertson
185   Mark Dickinson: Daimonic Intertidal
         Otolith, Emily Nilsen

188   Notes on Contributors

Sonya Mahnic
Waning Summer Light, 2017
Oil on canvas
14 x 10 in.
Photograph by Jason Nugent

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