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No. 277 (Autumn 2018)

5      Alicia Elliott: Whatever We Need It To Be

Creative Nonfiction
7       Ania Mroczek: It's Necessary to Talk About Trees
13     Jill M. Talbot: Checkmate
23     Zarrin Darnel-Martin: Garlic Pussy
28     Tyler Dunning: Eldon, Missouri
32     Mikka Jacobsen: Parlour Tricks
41     Gila Green: Winnipeg, 1987
46     David Rock: Let Me Put it to You This Way
47     Nicholas Herring: The Lives of Milton Acorn
61     R.L. Aseret: Spider Games
65     Erin Soros: I Call This Institutionalized Rape
74     Dominik Parisien: When You Could Not Hear, I Spoke
78     Angela Wright: Other Targets
84     Mary Chen: Of Body
89     Charmaine Ward: Moonstruck
98     Tara Campbell: Soft 'n' Sheepish
104   Jeanie Keough: Somewhere Over Greenland
111    Šari Dale: Eulogy for Pale Lilies
115    Arielle Twist: Soakers

120   Ian Colford: “For the Love of Books”
         Bookshop: A Reader's History, Jorge Carrión
122   Jennifer Andrews: Wonderworks/Wonderwords
         Why Indigenous Literatures Matter, Daniel Heath Justice
124   Mark Dickinson: seemingly infinite numbers of fascinating anecdotes
         Arrival: The Story of CanLit, Nick Mount
126   Susan Haley: how the knot works
         The Summer of the Horse, Donna Kane
128   Richard Cumyn: Shangri-Who?
         The Dragon Run, Tony Robinson-Smith
131   Carolyn Richardson: The Permeable Conversationalist
         The Larger Conversation: Contemplartion and Place, Tim Lilburn

134   Notes on Contributors

Braelyn Cyr
Chief Allan Polchies Jr.Waning Summer Light, 2017
Oil and acrylic on canvas
24 x 36 in.

The painting featured on this cover was unveiled during Pride Week in Frederiction (August 10-18, 2018) as part of the Pride Heroes Portrait Project, a project with three main concepts: honour, inspiration, and education. The paintings — six in total featuring local pride heroes — were put up for sale with part of the proceeds going to Rainbow Railroad, a Toronto-based organization that works to help save LGBTQ2+ refugees from state-sanctioned violence across the world.

Chief Allan Polchies Jr., of St. Mary’s First Nation, has risen in the community as a leader as the first two-spirit Chief in Atlantic Canada.

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