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75th Anniversary Issue

  6     Sue Sinclair
 15    Jo-Anne Elder: New Writing in Acadie: Gabriel Robichaud and Émilie Turmel
 43    Billy-Ray Belcourt
 61    Rowan McCandless
 85    Brian Bartlett: Yellow Foxgloves: Canadian Poets Emerging Later in Life
107   Soraya Peerbaye
131   Sharon Bala
151   Shannon Webb-Campbell

The Fiddlehead — Birthday Greetings
  8     Don McKay, Bob Gibbs, Roger Ploude, Bill Gaston, Michael Taylor

Jo-Anne Elder Looks Forward...
22     Émilie Turmel: L'Avenir Á Qui. Trans. Jo-Anne Elder: Whose Future
28     Gabriel Robichaud: Two Poems. Trans. Jo-Anne Elder

Billy-Ray Belcourt Looks Forward...
44     Brandi Bird: Two Poems
46     Selina Boan: Campaign for My Body's Mess
48     Mackenzie Ground: berry talk
49     Jake Byrne: A Bouquet of Ketchup-Flavoured Roses
53     Arielle Twist: Two Poems
55     Cecily Nicholson: in haptic concert

Rowan McCandless Looks Forward...
 62   Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri: All the Right Things
 70   Nicole Breit: Married Poly Bi-Femme Operating System Manual

Brian Bartlett Looks Forward...
 86   Roy J. Adams
 87   Mary Barnes
 88   J.D. Black
 89   Laurie Brinklow
 90   Antony Di Nardo
 92   Alyda Faber
 93   Maureen Scott Harris
 94   Jónína Kirton
 95   Eva Kolacz
 96   Arleen Paré
 97   Barbara Pelman
 99   E. Alex Pierce
100  Ingrid Ruthig
101  Jean Van Loon
102  Margo Wheaton

Soraya Peerbaye Looks Forward...
109  Maheen Hyder: Four Poems

Sharon Bala Looks Forward...
132  Sofia Mostaghimi: Roxane and Julieta
145  Clarisse Baleja Saïdi: Containers

Shannon Webb-Campbell...
 153  Michelle Sylliboy: Three Poems
156  Susan Musgrave: Three Poems
159  Brian Brett: Turkish Delight
160  shalan joudry: Two Poems
162  Rachel McCrum: Breast Snout of the Earth Pig
 163  Sue Goyette: Anthesis (an excerpt)
169  Anna Swanson: Portals
171  Tanya Evanson: A Single Organism
172  Nolan Natasha: If You Need Me, I'll Be in Summerville
Michelle Porter: Love, Hope, Belonging
Lee Maracle: Two Poems

 178  Notes on Contributors

Sophie Hamidovic
Deer in Headlights
Digital image

Please email if you would like to order this issue, or any other back issue. 


Dear Fiddlehead, If I take out a year's subscription, will it start with the anniversary issue #283? If not, I'd like to buy this issue, for now. Please let me know Thank-you.

Hi Lynn, If you start a year long subscription now the first issue would be our summer issue 284, which will be available soon. To order the anniversary issue please send us a quick email to or order online here:

I would like to buy the Anniversary Issue, # 283 Please tell me how I can do this. Thank you.

Hi Nathalie, thank you for reaching out. We will email you the link to purchase the issue.

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