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No. 298 (Winter 2024)

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Canadian Addresses

International Addresses







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6      Jack Wang: Fiction Contest Editorial

Creative Nonfiction
47    Shane Neilson: Diagnosis Day
57    Shirley Harshenin: Readiness Quiz
27    Tamas Dobozy: Tea With Interpol
73    Helena Olufsen: Ginger Root Injuries
93    Ivan Sullivan: Highly Functional Dead People
20    Puneet Dutt: Lucky
21    Sneha Madhavan-Reese: Stromatolites
22    Misha Solomon: Three Poems
25    Jade Riordan: Two Poems
37    Cristina Correa: Two Poems
40    Blair Trewartha: Two Poems
43    Peter O’Donovan: The Return
45    Caitlin Thomson: A Side of Sleep Deprivation
65    Natalie Louise Tombasco: Two Poems
70    Erin Bedford: Old Animation
71    Susan K. Gray: Sweet Sugar Snap
72    Jenna Lyn Albert: portrait of the artist as lady slipper
80    William Vallières: Four Poems
85    Conor Kerr: Four Poems
89    Audrey Gradzewicz: Two Poems
91    Chrissie Minnery: Scotland


120  Notes on Contributors

Christine Koch Sea Ice Study XIII (detail)
Reduction linocut 18 x 26 in.