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No. 31 (February 1957)


1        Eldon Grier: Fishermen (Spain)
2        C. Frederick Boyle: The Last Kiss
2        Robert Gibbs: Always at This Cross
3        George Whalen: The Triumph of Eros
4        Larry Eigner: It Is Winter Now
4        George Abbe: Transmutation
5        Elizabeth Brewster: On a Painting of the Assumption
5        R. Bates: Dedalus
7        Alden A. Nowlan: Blue Ballad
7        M. Morris: Held back but not exactly tension what
8        Fred Swayze: Frog-Catcher
9        Harold Fleming: The Year Coming In
10      Roy MacGregor-Hastie: The Quiet Man
10      Raymond Tong: Dark Hinterland
11      George Walton: For My Daughters
12      Vera Ferra-Mikura (trans. Felix Anselm): When We Have Our Own Room
12      Dale Scott: Remembering
13      Goodridge Macdonald: A Dream
13      Betee Duncan: Crown
14      Cid Corman: The Beggar: response to a poem by Raymond Souster
15      J. Phoenice: Affinity
15      Peter Miller: Preparing for Life
17      Rainer Maria Rilke (trans. K. W. Maurer): Nor soul, nor passion is meant for our rejecting...
18      Louis Newman: Good night— Good night
18      Alfred W. Purdy: The Private Woman
19      John V. Crowley: Clarkton Green
20      Jack Crawford, Jr.: Time is a Ceaseless Orchestra
20      Robert S. Sward: The House, the Knees
21      Jennie M. Palen: Ballad of the Lilac Gown
24      James Boyer May: An Odd Time
24      George Johnston: This Way Down
25      Jay Macpherson: Two Poems
25      Marion Montgomery: Booby Trap
26      Martin Kolinsky: I Stand on Street Corners, Waiting
26      Jean Cocteau (trans. D. M. Petinella): Sleeping Model
26      Jack Lowther Wilson: The Crossways
27      deLancey Torrie: Lament
27      R. H. Grenville: The Print Above the Mantel
28      Richard Ashman: Stand on the Mountaintop

29      A. Robert Rogers: Symphony, Ruby Nichols
29      Fred Cogswell: The Greenhouse in the Garden, Charles Edward Eaton
          Birch Light, Lenore A. Pratt
          Hi, Sister, Hi, Brother, Joe Wallace
          The Serpent Ink, Henry Moscovitch

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