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No. 33 (August 1957)


1        Eric A. Pfeiffer: De Gloria
2        Jay Macpherson: Two Poems
3        Don W. Thomson: The Clockmaker
4        Richard A. George: River of Leaves
5        John Lachs: For Joe
5        Marjorie Battcock: Avert Your Face
6        Marie Tavroges: Bedsitter Rain
6        Alfred W. Purdy: Tomatoes
7        Lilith Lorraine: Like a Tramp's Garment
8        Raymond Tong: Return to Africa
9        Robert Gibbs: An Untimed Instant
10      Donald Eastman: Healing Flowers
10      George Johnston: Mr. Groom
11      Anna C. Hayward: Absentia (for L. B.)
12      Eldon Grier: Claude Picher
13      Sarah Youngblood: Portobello
14      Susan Hopkin Vinton: Yazoo
15      Larry Eigner: Fine
16      Joseph Joel Keith: In a Tickless Time
16      Lachlan Macdonald: The Delivery
17      Elizabeth Brewster: Dream Landscape
18      Miriam Waddington: Limited Perspectives
18      Roy Lowther: White Hand
19      Patrick H. Thomas: Down Beacon Hill
20      Jocelyn Macy Sloan: And the Pear Trees Shiver
20      J. Phoenice: For a Cold
21      Anne Margaret Angus: Truth Perceived
21      E. V. Griffith: Core of Summer
22      G. V. Downes: Tryst
22      Martin Gray: Discovery
23      Geoffrey Johnson: Marina
24      Mary Word Elliott: After Murillo
24      James M. Singer, Jr.: Melancholy
25      Lawrence Henry: Fantasia of the Melancholy
26      Candace T. Stevenson: Grand Manner
26      Rebecca Richmond: Private World: Private World
27      Bonnie Elizabeth Parker: Turn from the Day
28      Peter Jones: God and the Picture Spendthrift
28      J. R. Adams: City be Tall
29      Luetta Dosman Trehas: The Twilight is Fiction
30      Gertrude Waller: Garden
30      Charles Edward Eaton: Pastoral
31      Murray Bennett: The Penitent
32      Marion Montgomery: Thoughts Under an Oak
32      Robert S. Sward: Cloudjumper
33      Lawrence P. Spingarn: The Slave Coast
34      William Pillin: Girl in her Window
34      Alden A. Nowlan: Girl
35      M. Morris: The Bellringer
36      Stephen Thomas: To Anne
36      Emilie Glen: Flower Shop
37      Ralph I. Walker: On the Loss of the Saint John Pilot Boat

37      Allan Donaldson: Experiment 1923-1929, W. W. E. Ross
38      Fred Cogswell: The Selected Poems of Marjorie Picktall, ed. Lorne Pierce
          Unexpected Truce, Don Geiger
39      Desmond Pacey: The Poetry of E. J. Pratt: A New Interpretation, John Sutherland

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