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No. 34 (Autumn 1957)


1        Jack Lindeman: Beward of Dog
2        Rose Rosberg: John, Abbot of Tewkesbury, Speaks
3        Guy Daniels: Sonnet for Anne
3        Edwin Turner: Three Close Demons
4        M. Morris: Old Age Seen as Like and As
4        N. E. Buttress: To the Epstein Pigeons in a London Park
5        Peter Miller: Roman Ups and Downs
6        Miriam Jans: For a Street and a Street and a Street
6        Charles Black: Archaism
7        R. H. Grenville: The Day's True Shape
7        Jeanette Chappell: Toward Tomorrow
8        John V. Crowley: Lyrics of Rejection XI
8        Milton Acorn: Inland Gull
9        Lillian Morrison: Tomboy
9        George Johnston: Rest Hour
10      Timothy Cheney: What Fish
10      Amy Groesbeck: Sea-Wrack
11      Mabel M. Kuykendall: I am Apparition
11      Philmore B. Wass: Angry Arm
12      Hilmur Saffel: Roualt's Old King
12      Dorothy Roberts: Spokesman
13      Ron Everson: A Quick Look on the Way Out
13      Myrtle Reynolds Adams: Late Beauty
14      Daryl Hine: The Doublegoer
16      Vincente Huidobro (trans. D. M. Petinella): The Mirror of Waters
16      Kenneth McRobbie: April
17      Sara King Carleton: Incantation
18      Anne Marx: Tower Room
18      Edith Weaver: Dancers Over the City
20      John Haines: No Return
21      Elizabeth Stanton Hardy: Valley of Salt
22      William J. Margolis: A Child Within Me Woke
23      Peter Burrows: Catullus V
23      Lisa Grenelle: Old Woman on a Beach
24      Landreth E. Leaper: Day End
25      Hilary Glyn: The Grist of Sacrifice
25      Charles Angoff: The Atheist
26      Henry Moscovitch: Dream
26      Karen Koppang: Midummer in Dalecarlia
27      Goodridge Macdonald: Song Ends
28      L. N. McCaul: The Butterfly
28      Carl Larsen: Mob Scene No. 4
29      Alfred W. Purdy: Pre-Epitaph for Love
30      deLancey Torrie: Fall in New Brunswick
32      Robert Vaughan: Somnolent Song
32      Marie Tavroges: Flight
33      Charles Shaw: A Lust Lies Heavy
34      Sarah Singer: 'I, Lydia'
37      Louis Newman: Embrace Me Earth
38      Larry Eigner: Urbs
38      John Tagliabue: When an Angel Comes Out of Minute
38      Fred Cogswell: This Woman

39      Robert Rogers: The Arrow-Maker's Daughter, and Other Haida Chants, Hermia Harris Fraser
39      Milton Wilson: The Boatman, Jay Macpherson
44      Earl Guy: The Testament of Creddeid, Robert Henryson

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