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No. 35 (Winter 1958)


1        Alden A. Nowlan: Two Poems
2        George Johnston: Cathleen Sweeping
2        Kay Smith: The One Stem
3        Anne Marriott: Poem Before Leaving Camp
4        Miriam Waddington: Elegy for John Sutherland
5        L. N. McCaul: Eclipsed Sun
5        D. G. Jones: Fall: 1939
6        Robert S. Sward: Poem
6        Myrtle Reynolds Adams: Snow Time
7        Lawrence P. Spingarn: Mr. Christmas
7        Macdonald Coleman: Saskatchewan, 1937
10      Nicolas Teller: Fooled
10      Irving Layton: Parting
11      Fred Cogswell: The Dancers
12      Robert L. Peters: The Fool
12      Lillian Dirksen: More than April Showers
13      John V. Crowley: The Lagging Back of Lowndes Parker
14      Emilie Glen: Carousel
15      David Rubin: To a Girl Singing
15      Errol Pritchard: The Greeks
16      John Glassco: Utrillo's World
17      Landreth E. Leaper: The Empty House
18      Edward McNamee: Indecision of a Faun
18      John Tagliabue: Dark Gypsy Made of the Moon
19      Anne Sexton: Eden Revisited
20      Henry Moscovitch: Prayer
20      Jack Lindeman: What Now, Andrew Marvell
21      Betty Jean Twieg: Pursuit
22      Ron Everson: Offshore Wind
22      Jane Beverlin Tate: Four Poems
24      A. Kirby Congdon: Epitaph
24      Milton Acorn: Islanders
25      Edwin Turner: East Side
26      Gene Frumkin: Go Among the Lions
27      Lucy Price: Allegiance
27      Robert H. Fossum: The Days of Division
28      Harland Ristau: Three Preludes
29      Bonnie Elizabeth Parker: As Well to Taste of Stars
30      Richard Ashman: Leviathan is Dead
30      Samuel J. Hazo: Circe
31      Mary M. Pronovost: First Burial
31      Constance Charters: The Fallow Spirit Dreaming
32      Charles Jones: Man and Love: a Duo of Reflected Verse
32      Peter Miller: The Expulsion from the Gardenvale
33      Marjorie Battcock: Suggesting Tiger Lilies
34      Jimm Dakin: For Green Growing
34      Marie Tavroges: Resuscitation in the Suburbs
35      George Whalen: Villanelle of Daisies Pied
36      Mabel Macdonald Carver: Opposites
36      Maude Rubin: Captor or Captive
37      Vivian Newman Teme: Will It Matter? 

37      Desmond Pacey: A Book of Australian Verse, ed. Judith Wright
41      Fred Cogswell: Undertow, Richard George
          Stances and Distances, Cid Corman
          Collected Later Poems, James Boyer
43      Samuel J. Hazo: Emu, Remember!, Alfred W. Purdy

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