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No. 36 (Spring 1958)


1        Fred Cogswell: The Winter of the Tree
2        Gil Orlovitz: Lyric
2        Felix Stefanile: Recovery
3        Saint-Denys Garneau (trans. John Glassco): Seven Poems
6        Joseph Joel Keith: Past That is Present
7        Winston Weathers: A Toast to Beauty While Respighi's Music Played
8        L. N. McCaul: Careless Love
8        Robert K. Hallam: To Ann
9        Peter Carr: Love-Song
10      Scott Grier: To Balkan Spring (for Bela Bartok)
10      Richard A. George: Birds, Silent Home
11      John Allen: Hybrid
12      Miriam Waddington: Artist and Subject
12      Bernice Ames: Weed
13      Goodridge Macdonald: I Contemplate My Love and Death
14      D. G. Jones: After Such Sorrow
14      Kay Smith: Quiet
15      Keith James: Sewing Machine (after a Painting by David Bomberg)
15      Ann Whiting: The Sun Tomorrow
16      Samuel J. Hazo: Tactics
17      Alden A. Nowlan: Fly on the Blue Table
18      Lenore A. Pratt: Toad, Humble One
18      Jeanette Chappell: Under Glass
19      Marjory Battock: No Further Weapons
19      K. P. A. Tryst: The Puritans
20      Lisel Mueller: A Marriage Made in Air
20      Rainer Maria Rilke (K. W. Maurer): Sonnet to Orpheus— II, V
21      Thomas Burnett Swann: Myrrh and Salt
22      James Boyer May: The Shout Which Precedes
22      Charles Black: Shang Bronzes
24      Irving Layton: Captives
25      John Tagliabue: In a Summer Garden
26      Harriet Gray Blackwell: Blonde in the Tropics
27      Larry Eigner: Crane
27      James Binney: At Edges of the World
28      Ron Everson: Lovers Under Parliament Hill
28      J. Phoenice: Summer Gale
28      Louis Newman: And Then the Bones
29      Edith Mitchell: Campus: Late Afternoon
29      Ardeth E. Hassel-Gren: Night Fear
30      Norman M. Davis: Sally in Spring
30      Donald Eastman: On Manhattan Bridge
31      Horace (trans. Helen Rowe Henze): Book III, Ode 26
31      Lori Petri: Rustics
32      Orma McCormick: The Strength of Weakness
32      Henry Moscovitch: Mohammed Explaining to Safiyya
33      Lawrence P. Spingarn: Mannequin
33      Richard Asman: Sky Minnows
34      D. B. Steinman: Blueprint
34      Dorothy Rebentisch: Applegate
35      Virginia J. Porter: The Wintering
35      Gertrude Waller: Jewels and Baubles
36      Gordon Gilsdorf: An Old Saw
36      Joan Clifford: Day at the Beach
38      Clive Manwaring: Two Fires Stuck Together Like a Miracle
39      Alfred W. Purdy: Incognito
39      Guy Owen: Woman with an Idiot Child
40      Bonnie May Malody: The Wise Ones

43      Fred Cogswell: The Book of Canadian Poetry, A Critical and Historical Anthology, ed. A. J. M. Smith

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