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No. 37 (Summer 1958)


1        E. Guy: Memory, Pick that Lady Up
2        Gil Orlovitz: Art of the Sonnet: LXXV
2        Ian Sowton: Mountainy Ram (in Praise of Wallace Stevens)
2        Winston Weathers: The Geometry of Love
4        Kay Smith: Recognition
4        Don Geiger: Love Song by Husband After Being Buried with Wife One Night
6        Marie Tavroges: Melody of the Aeolian Harp
6        William E. Taylor: On Reading the Best War Poems of W. W. II
7        Scott Greer: Four O'Clock in the Morning (For John Kitsuse)
8        L. Willis: The End in View
12      John V. Crowley: A Return to East Pond
13      George Walton: Skin-Deep
14      Lisel Mueller: The Annunciation
14      Jenny Lind Porter: The Pearl For the Metaphysical Pearl Poet, George Herbert
16      Peter Randall: History Lesson
16      David Lyttle: The Dust
17      Eldon Grier: Art, the Demon Equilibrist
18      Jocelyn Macy Sloan: Stranger Bride
18      Goodridge MacDonald: Precise and Perilous
19      Felix Anselm: Cats
19      William J. Noble: The Artful Weaver
20      Edwin N. Turner: Ashes to Ashes
20      Hilmur Saffell: What is That Laughter in the Yard?
21      M. Eugene Perry: Sun on the Dark Pool
22      Mildred Cousens: Woodchuck
22      Fred Swayze: In Silence Waiting
23      Sara Van Alstyne Allen: Snail
23      Jack Lowther Wilson: You May be Spoken
24      Lawrence P. Spingarn: The Beachcombers
24      Alfred W. Purdy: Incantation
25      Marion Montgomery: The Peace that Passeth
26      Keith James: For Grace Kitamura
26      Jimm Dakin: Prelude to Disillusion
27      deLancey Torrie: 'Affinity' With the Author of Affinity
28      Curtis Zahn: The Very Remembered Mrs. Blank
29      John Tagliabue: Two Poems
30      Ralph I. Walker: My Round
30      Leona Hamilton: Chinese Peasant, 1950
31      Fred Baur: Forgotten Jazzmen
32      Murray Bennett: Banners
32      J. Phoenice: Plane in the Night
33      Tom Poots: Metropolis Five Thirty Bar
33      Robert Avritt: O Tempera! O Mores!
34      George Ross Ridge: Alba: a Dawnson
34      Mike Gnarowski: Montreal-Est
35      N. E. Buttress: Epigrammatist
36      Lori Petri: Husband
36      Kenneth L. Beaudoin: Insideness
37      E. W. Northnagel: Fried Grasshoppers
37      Charles Shaw: Not of the Now
38      Charles Beaudelaire (trans. Roger Wescott): Cats
38      Emilie Glen: Gulls and Butterflies
39      Fred Cogswell: Two Poems

40      Robert Rogers: Three Dozen Poems, R. G. Everson
          Carpenter's Apprentice and Other Poems, Gordon LeClaire
41      C. F. Klinck: Ten Canadian Poets, Desmond Pacey

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