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No. 38 (Autumn 1958)


2        Rona Murray: The Outcast
3        Charles Edward Eaton: The Draught of Shadow
4        Fred Cogswell: Lefty
6        Gil Orlovitz: The Cripple
6        Paul West: Disposal of Effects
8        Candace T. Stevenson: The New Graft
9        Anne Marx: Next Door
10      Guido Guincielli (trans. Felix Stefanile): Al Cor Gentil Ripara Sempre Amore
11      John Robert Colombo: Elegy
12      Winston Weathers: The Fountain
13      Evelyn Goddard: Trees Picked Clean
14      Lisel Mueller: Words Without Music
14      Jack Lowther Wilson: Sleep Now
15      Alfred Leland Mooney: After Meeting my Skeleton
16      Elfreida Read: Re-evaluation
16      Kay Smith: Outside
18      George Murray: Lullaby
18      Rebecca Richmond: Four on Dartmoor
19      Henry Moscovitch: ?
20      Alfred W. Purdy: Rougeau, Oct. 30, 1955
20      C. J. Newman: Petite Fugue (Ephemere)
22      Elizabeth Brewster: Christmas Poem
22      Frances Angevine Gray: Reflection
23      Marie Tavroges: Hibernian Drinking Song
23      Robert K. Hallam: A Clerihew
24      Alden A. Nowlan: Ricky
24      Marilyn Francis: A Season of Salt
25      Gerald Gilbert: Love Song
25      Samuel J. Hazo: Stallion
26      Lorna Beers: Northern Star
27      Robert Gibbs: December
28      Lenore A. Pratt: Shape of Evil
28      Guy Daniels: Omens
29      Ellen L. Shearer: Sense and Reason
30      Richard A. George: Knossus
30      Larry Eigner: Sun Time
31      Ralph I. Walker: For the Firing of the Tomb
32      Laura Lourene Legear: Green Bud
32      Marion Montgomery: The Malcontent
33      Roy Basler: T. S. E. 
33      Charles Baudelaire (trans. Roger Wescott): The Sorrow of the Moon
34      Robert S. Sward: Antar-Tic-Tock
34      R. H. Grenville: Reluctant Lines to the Convener of a Small-town Poetry Group
35      Mary Weekes: Harbour Island
36      J. K. Johnstone: The Runner
36      Anne Margaret Angus: Poem
37      Geoffrey Holloway: Eyes
37      Helen Miskell: Twister
38      Hilmur Saffell: If Loveliness Can be Loved
38      M. E. Drew: One Before Dawn
39      Sy Kahn: Tight Rope Artist
40      Elizabeth Whealy: Time Flies
40      William Stafford: Night Words
40      John Haines: Epitaph
41      Michael John Nimchuk: Thinker
42      Ron Everson: Fundy Headland
42      Milton Acorn: Charlottetown Harbour
42      Peter Miller: Tree-girl

42      Desmond Pacey: The Ledge, Violet Anderson
          Poems, Martin Gray
          Asylum Poems, Heather Spears
46      J. K. Johnstone: Recent Poems, Goodridge MacDonald
          Myth and Monument, Theresa E. and Don W. Thomson
          Through the Glass, Darkly, Joan Finnegan
          Of Diverse Things, Mary Elizabeth Bayer
          Roads and Other Poems, Elizabeth Brewster
          Dazzle, Dorothy Roberts
47      Robert Rogers: Frost On the Sun, D. G. Jones

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