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No. 39 (Winter 1959)


1        Edna Lawrence Hanna: Ming Wind
2        Errol Pritchard: A Tablet for Kang Ping, Patron of Eunuchs
3        Gil Orlovitz: Sunburnt the Bather She Bade
4        Peter Miller: Longbowman
4        Kay Smith: To Build Like a Bridge the Poem (from the Poet to the Reader)
5        Jean Spencer: With Thoughts of Winter
6        George Johnston: Two Poems
6        William Stafford: You Night Men
7        Elizabeth Whealy: Transposition
7        James E. Warren, Jr.: Antigone
8        Corinne Jacker: Winter is Burning
8        M. Morris: The Strawberry Bed: a Paradox
10      Rose Rosberg: Evolution's Adam
11      Richard Ashman: Fire
12      Dorothy Roberts: The Setting
13      Lucius Daniel: No
14      Michael John Nimchuk: No Rose
14      Hilmur Saffell: Tutankhamen
15      J. Phoenice: On Reading a Letter
16      Rona Murray: Finis
16      Fred Swayze: I'll Hang my Harp
17      Joanne De Longchamps: The Season Gilded by a Face
17      Bonnie Elizabeth Parker: Young Poet's Book
 18     Susan Vinton: Choice
19      Eliza Gourlay: Sonnet for a Woman
20      Emilie Glen: Winter Spring
20      Geoffrey Holloway: Episode before the End
21      Roy Lowther: Hastings Street Christmas
22      Alan Brilliant: Poem
22      P. Davies Roberts: Woodcut
23      Dorothy Rebentisch: I Sing of Death
24      Gerald Gilbert: Far Country
24      Leslie Woolf Hedley: Night
25      Robert Gibbs: Dead Love and Lost Days
26      Arthur M. Hale: Monet: Basin at Agentuil
26      Helen Ball: My Frailty of Flesh and Bone
26      John Haines: Lineage
27      Luetta Dosman Tehas: Sunflower
27      Charles Jones: Hosanna My Name
28      Shirley Wright: Nests
28      Lois Taylor Blackwell: In Early Eden
29      Elizabeth Bartlett: Autobiography
30      Elizabeth Brewster: Separation
31      Charles Black: The Seafaring man
31      Ruth Elaine Hobbs: Irene
32      R. G. Everson: Two Poems
32      Robert S. Sward: Sentence
33      A. Kirby Congdon: Steam Shovel
34      Jean Bullowa: The Pride of Pillory Atchel
34      A. G. Bailey: Two Poems
35      Dorothy Jean Tupper: The Dove's Mate Does Not Die
36      William J. Noble: The Black Canaries
36      Manfred A. Carter: Fire Storm
37      R. L. Cook: The Withering of Desire
37      Alden A. Nowlan: Two Poems
38      Ruth Forbes Sherry: Microcosm
38      Theresa E. Thomson: Apathy
49      Richard Kelly: Blue Boy
49      Fred Cogswell: A Sunbeam Rolled the Stone Away
50      Paul West: All His Own Winter
50      Stanley Worswick: The Ptarmigan
51      Felix Singer: But Echoes
52      David R. Bunch: The Beater
52      Thelma Reid Lower: Match Point

39      J. K. Johnstone: Hyphens, James Russell Grant
          Selection, A. S. J. Tessimond
          The Green House, Brenda Chamberlain
          The Muse and Other Poems, John Heath-Stubbs
41       Irving Layton: The Picnic and Other Stories, Desmond Pacey 
43       Michael Hornyansky: The Rose and the Puritan, Alden A. Nowlan
47       Fred Cogswell: Cobras and Cockle Shells: Modes in Recent Poetry, Frederick Eckman

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