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No. 40 (Spring 1959)


1        Alden A. Nowlan: A Friend for Margaret

6        Parm Mayer: Susanna, To the Elders
7        Muriel E. Newton-White: Ah, Land of Whirring Wings
8        R. L. Cook: Girl-Friend
8        Lawrence P. Spingarn: Two Poems
9        Rose Rosberg: Cezanne's Pine and Rock
10      Rona Murray: Two Poems
11      Michael John Nimchuk: Puritans '57
12      Edith Shiffert: Bird Resting
12      Goodridge MacDonald: Still-Life
13      Charles Black: New Moon
13      A. G. Bailey: Tatters
14      Carol Ely Harper: Comic Dances I
14      Lewis Turco: A Rebel Cheer
16      Marie Tavroges: Pink Song
16      Virginia J. Porter: The Flowers
17      Myrtle Reynolds Adams: Only the Lover
17      Dorothy Roberts: The Apples
18      Alden A. Nowlan: Marian at the Pentecostal Meeting
18      Paul West: The Visitors
20      Edna Lawrence Hanna: Late Fall Marriage: To Gladys and Kent
20      Bernice Ames: In Sound the Dream Begins: For Dame Myra Hess
21      John V. Crowley: The Paths of Fall, All Biblical
22      Taner Baybars: Letter to Homeland
23      Nelson Bentley: The Seamew
24      Margaret Hilliard: Take My Hand and Speak to Me of Growing
24      Irene G. Dayton: Ear is Not Deaf
25      Mabel Macdonald Carver: Rebellious Disciple
26      Errol Pritchard: Two Poems
27      Dick Britton: The Neophyte
28      Patrick H. Thomas: Morning at Clover Point
29      Gil Orlovitz: Art of the Sonnet: LXI
29      Roger Wescott: Flight-Song
29      Elizabeth Whealy: Light
30      William Stafford: Prairie Town
30      Alan C. Reidpath: As Said Before
31      Robert Gibbs: Still Salty Ghosts
31      J. E. M. Lucie-Smith: Outside the Bookshop
32      Robin Mathews: Blaze
33      Friedrich Hölderlin (trans. K. W. Maurer): Hyperion's Song of Fate
34      Michael Collie: Lullaby
34      John Haines: Procession
35      Hope Stoddard: Winter Wheat
36      Robert Lewis Weeks: A Four O'Clock Evening Angle
37      Margaret Secrist: Atlas Speaks His Mind
38      deLancey Torrie: A Woman in Her Bath
38      Thomas Burnett Swann: The God of Fire
39      Gene Birkhead: Sister
39      Bonnie May Malody: Song Bank
40      Tom Poots: Accident
40      Mary Word Elliott: Portrait in Light and Shadow: Leonardo da Vinci
42      Myla Jo Closser: Visitors
42      Geoffrey Holloway: Release
43      Franklin Mieses Burgos (trans. D. M. Petinella): Presage
44      Ralph Gustafson: Morning with Sun

44      J. K. Johnstone: A Lattice for Momos, R. G. Everson
          24 Poems, Goodridge MacDonald
          The Deficit Made Flesh, John Glassco
48      A. Robert Rogers: Something of a Young World's Dying, Thomas Saunders
          And See Penelope Plain, Fred Swayze
          Aphrodite, John Heath
49      Fred Cogswell: The Singing Forest, P. Brian Cox
          A Man of Vision and Other Poems, Geoffrey Johnson
          Two Laughters, Joseph Joel Keith
          Tales Gay and Gastly, Amy Groesbeck
          Meditation at Noon, Peter Miller
50      Desmond Pacey: Laughing Stalks and En Mexico, Louis Dudek
51      Fred Cogswell: Winds of Unreason, George Ellenbogen
52      Desmond Pacey: The Quality of Halves, Marya Fiamengo
53      Fred Cogswell: Crepe-Hanger's Funeral, Selected Poems 1955-8, Raymond Souster
56      Desmond Pacey: The Season's Lovers, Miriam Waddington
60      Allan McAndrew: Twelve Modern French Canadian Poets, trans. G. R. Roy

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